Styling a wedding

Find the style in yourself and together let’s create the best wedding design ever.

Styling a wedding is so much fun, but it is for sure a work that shouldn’t be taken lightly; styling your wedding goes from the originality and uniqueness that will make your celebration stand out from any other wedding to the first impression your guests are going to have when walking in.

Since the moment you sit down and start thinking about what you’d like to experience on your wedding day you are already styling your event, making clear what really inspires you is key for success in wedding styling. Once you have identified the color palette as well as the overall style we will follow your lead, it’s time to start getting it all together in a moodboard to have the closest overview of the final result.

You may be familiar with what we are trying to tell you or you may not but this is why we want to be part of your wedding design; to make sure that you are on the right path to achieve the wedding you have been envisioning since the first strike of inspiration you felt.

Wedding styling is all about the mood, a tropical wedding is all about feeling relaxed, comforted, and at ease. This style is drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, the sky and vegetation mostly dominated by green color but your imagination and personal style will bring it to life with maybe adding a touch of color.

Some elements that are recurring when it comes to a tropical atmosphere are greenery, palm trees, banana leaves, fruits and other tropical flowers… All of this combined in different amounts and with your personal style can get your guests and yourself immerse in a tropical paradise that would make it an unforgettable experience.

Determining a color palette is a fundamental step in wedding styling, no matter what your style might be. This step becomes even more important when you are thinking to give color the lead in your styling process, this color lead is based on your own story, your lifestyle, your experience and again in your initial inspiration where all the process began. Try different combinations, discover new trending styles and how they respond to color according to your personal background and together we will find the perfect match between every element and the final color palette.

If you consider yourself a free spirited, relaxed soul we have an alternative style that may suit you to perfection.  A boho style wedding will transport you into the peace and love era using natural materials, earthy shades and hipster patterns that will get you in a mood of letting yourself go and just flow with the celebration. An artistic natural wedding, a little bit retro including rattan and different textiles like macrame, all of this contrasting with bright colors and details like braids, hats, flowers and even a barefoot couple.

It doesn’t matter where your inspiration is coming from or if your inspiration board is full of different elements. Keep in mind that styling a wedding is a process of experimenting and trying different combinations over and it is a process that step by step will define what works for you and what doesn’t. A process with the only purpose of finding the formula that suits you, perhaps it is a mixing of styles, different colors and personalized as much as you wish creating the mood for the perfect wedding experience.

Go ahead, try new things, defy yourself trying different styles and discover a side of you didn’t know you had. Let our designers do what they do best and bring your vision to life together.

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