Balloon Photo Backdrop

At Cabo Linens Things & More we have one main goal: Styling your Cabo Event in a unique way achieving the perfect celebration. Behind the scenes is where all the magic happens, getting to know each other, talking over your event for the first time and discovering the feelings and ideas behind your special celebration, your style and your point of view. On the other hand, our know-how, keeping track of trends and the mix of both worlds by bringing the whole vision to life!

Balloon Photo Backdrop

In recent blogs we have found ourselves saying things like “take your event to the next level…” or “level up your experience”, and every time we share those words, every time you read them be sure that we really mean them.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve that “wow factor”; with mixing and matching styles, colors, shapes, textures, etc. Adding that unique and special detail and as we said on october’s blog, always staying true to you and your own personal trend.

Balloon Photo Backdrop

When you think about balloons, you think colors, fun, cake, party, laughs and great times and you can find it all here in Cablo Linens, Things & More.

Look forward to an unforgettable milestone; call it a birthday, romantic anniversary, family celebrations, friends getaways, we will make it fun and unique every time. Balloons are another way to make your celebration special with colors and phrases customizing everything for you.

Balloon Photo Backdrop

Photo backdrops for the ultimate selfie, as a welcome to your celebration, for your spa pool party or to emmark your designed cake as you blow the candles.

Let’s get you into the full balloon-mood, take a look:

As you see, there are a lot of different ways of having fun and creating a unique mood for your event. It is all about the tones, proportions and ideas in general that click with your personal taste and voila!  You can have either a fun colorful backdrop, something more classic as in black, gold and white or select your favorite colors mixing and matching them in your own original way…

the possible combinations are limitless.

We can plan a great entrance to your villa, coordinating every detail to have the welcome balloons in the villa as you arrive, or we can build it as we set up your table decor for the special celebration creating nothing more than good memories, great photos and a great quality time with your loved ones.

Think different, special details, making your cabo trip an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. Select the color, the design, the shape, message to customize it according to the occasion; a great experience from every perspective.

Balloon Photo Backdrop

When it comes to showing love to your special someone we have a couple of options too: An anniversary romantic surprise with a balloon structure at your favorite restaurant. A designated private area, adding a sign with a customized message or more than one sometimes if you decide to propose that same night! Can you imagine?

Making your rehearsal dinner something different or your bachelorette theme weekend something special by adding colors, structures, shapes and style with matching tablescapes, cake and balloons.

Something that can’t be left out in any birthday celebration is the cake. Singing happy birthday, blowing the candles and of course sharing it with everyone invited is what makes a birthday a birthday party. We are not talking about the average traditional cake. We want to show you how special we can make everything for you… take a look:

At Cabo Linens, Things & More we love celebrating big time, the sky’s the limit! So let’s style your celebration with balloons, designed cake, tablescape, flowers, we do it all!

Now you know it, the best events are in Cabo with Cabo Linens, Things and More with the coolest Balloon Photo Backdrops for the best memories! Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668 and let’s get started with your Cabo Event.

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