When we think of Weddings, We think on Love, Fun, Family and we never think on the importance of letting people know of every step of the Wedding or Celebration they are attending.

The importance of Signage and  Personalized Stationery during the different types of Celebrations.

Starting from the Welcome sign as guest arrive to the Ceremony area adding a thoughtful message for them, with perhaps having a Shoe Station Sign, or if the couple has decided to have an “Unplugged Ceremony” it is always important to let everyone know about it.

This is another way to care for your loved-ones, letting them know of important things that they cannot miss, using signage in a Creative way. Having a personalized sign in the Memorial Table honoring the loved ones that are no longer among us, but you want them present on your Wedding day with a Special sign. As they arrive to the cocktail Area, with the Entrance Table and messages for them to leave on your Guest Book and the Seating Chart Area.

The Seating chart can be done in so many different ways that it is very personal to each of the couples, Not only the material that will be used, but the font, calligraphy,  coloring that will match with the rest of the Wedding Look and style.

Taking in consideration that the Seating Chart with play a domino-effect on the Table numbers and Assigned Seatings on each place of the Table Setting.

It is an overall Vision of the Wedding style, coloring and Sigange that will be used through out the Wedding day,

Adding to each of the places a name-card, Thank You Note or Menu that will match all of the above signs mentioned is a work of art, as the final result will be the forever embodied  in your Wedding Pictures, sometimes they are event that “token” that the Guest get to take home with them, so think of something special for them!

When you are getting a date with the rest of your friends that work to have a fun trip to Cabo to celebrate a Milestone, lets call it a birthday, Engagement or just a Get-Together.

We think on Welcoming everyone to a Weekend Celebration as the group arrives to the Villa, to put them in a Wonderful mood of Party/Fun/ Celebration.

It is always a good idea to have a small token of appreciation with the Door Hangers, the Welcome Structure maybe adding some Balloon Décor.

We are able to personalize with the Signage all of your events and the Area that you are going to be using for the Cocktails, Tequila Tastings, Dinners or any other. When designing your Tablescape we can add the personalized touch with the Menus printed for all.

We are super excited to do a full itinerary, the Menus and the Photo Backdrop adding a personal message for your Friends or for the Celebrated Person. Everything is designed and presented digitally and then we make it happen.

Call us today for a consultation from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668 and let’s get started with your Cabo Event.

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