Here is where everything begins; where we get to know you, your ideas and your vision. Together we start looking at every element and venue,  putting them together according to what you are visualizing and creating a full concept step by step. From sketching, creating mood boards into developing a digital design and 3D floor plans where you will be able to see your vision almost as if it was already in place.

Pantones, materials, linens, centerpieces, flowers… you name it and we will help you incorporate it with your original idea. You have the vision, the feelings and the inspiration, we have the creativity and the experience needed to put everything together in the best possible way and make it come true for your delight.

With the idea comes the personalization, you know what you like and how you like to celebrate so inevitably you start materializing it with different elements, colors, textures, sensations and even a theme for your event in order to create the mood for the experience you want to share with everyone.

If you don’t want to forget anything important to create a mood board where you will include all these elements and more than not forgetting it is about creating the overlook of the event making sure everything goes in the same color palette, materials, theme, etc, so everything makes sense.

After creating your moodboard with your personal vision it’s time to start looking into details, into all the possibilities and different paths you are going to find to create the ideal experience you are looking for yourself and all your family and friends. Having a professional taking care of all these details with you will be a relief knowing that you are not only going to have the best possible outcome but also, you are going to enjoy the process all the way.

With the digital design you get to see your personalized set up right as it is going to look in the end making sure we have included everything you feel it’s necessary.

Once we have the looks it’s time to talk about the space. With a floor plan you will be aware of the space available and how to use it in the best way possible; what goes where and the spaces needed to move in between so everything flows according to what we have planned together. Lightning, audio, tables and chairs, decoration elements, everything in its place and shown in a 3D format where you will appreciate everything as close as possible to the final result.

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