Watching your partner walk down the aisle is one of the loveliest memories you’ll have from your Wedding  Day, seeing them waltz to you as you two become one.

That on its own is a Great Entrance, now let’s make it Trendy and In-Style with this ideas…

As you are both on the altar, where the Magic happens, that Pronunciation is the most memorable part of the Ceremony. Altars can be shaped in unique geometric structures that can be very original, as hoops, hexagons or squares.  Each of those can be decorated with different elements, as drapery, flower arrangements, pampas grass, greenery. Or very simply with minimalistic details with flowers, metal or wood pillars that will have the Pacific or Sea of Cortez view that will be the perfect match and compliment to the fresh look.

As you and your Partner walk down the Aisle, how do you envision yourself? Walking through rose petals, candles, small flower arrangements in glass vases, lanterns, palm leaves, pampas grass? It can be anything you imagine, mirror aisles, white wood, brown wood, vinyl with monograms along the aisle, all of this will determine the style of your overall Wedding Look.

We are able to personalize it all, making your Wedding your own, inspired by your Style, imagine it and we will make it happen for you!

Choosing the type of seating can be very challenging, that’s why we are here to help you!

Outdoor weddings with either the Ocean as backdrop, on the beach, on a Terrace, with a structure, or no structure, if you want to have all on top of platforms, a Shoe Station, all of this also helps you decide if you want to have benches, chairs, sofas or pillows for your Ceremony. Remember that the Ceremony is the First stop to your Grand Celebration, it will start setting the tone for a Wonderful night full of Fun Memories and most of all, LOVE.

As we accommodate your Immediate Family/ Friends on the first rows on each side, if you want to have the rest of the guests free-seated or if you want to place your Seating in 2 blocks on each side or do a semi-round seating, there are also different types of location that will work best with some areas.

We will make sure to help guiding you into the Vision of your Dreams!

Planning a destination proposal in Los Cabos will be an exciting journey. Call us today for a consultation from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668, and let’s get started with your Cabo Event.

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