Everyone wants an event that will leave wonderful memories in every guest.

Choosing the right Lighting will do just that, from Dinner Parties, Romantic Proposals, Birthday Celebrations or the Wedding of your dreams, the Lighting will set the Perfect Mood.

With our expertise in Los Cabos and our extensive catalog services, we can highlight the joy and dazzle your guests. Here are our 5 Lighting Ideas for your event:

Sparkling Ideas to make your Event Shine!

It doesn’t matter the size of the venue, and if it’s outdoor or indoor, twinkle lights will look fabulous everywhere. These lights transform every space into a dream come true. We love to incorporate curtained lights marking unique contrast lines. It’s like if we pulled down the stars to be just feet away from the party.

Why we love them: They’re easy to wrap around things, cluster together, or put inside decorative crystal pieces. These types of lights are pretty versatile overall. You can add them in almost anything.

Sparkling Ideas to make your Event Shine!

We can assure you that bistro lights elevate the beauty of all venues, creating a super romantic and intimate feeling for your special celebration. One creative way to use them is by creating a strung above the reception tables, creating luminous lines to highlight the beauty of every thought Décor Item. We can incorporate it into lounge areas and dance floors too.

Why we love them: They can be incorporated into the decor, creating a warm feeling, perfectly illuminate and bring to life every space.

There’s something magnificent about chandeliers; they help us design very stylish settings. Crystal chandeliers bring a luxurious and dramatic feeling to your event decor, and are perfect when looking for a fairytale look.

Why we love them: Wedding receptions and gatherings look fabulous with chandeliers. If your vision is an elegant set with a modern twist, add an extra dash of shining elements with a chandelier.

If your vision of the perfect party is a night full of colors with vibrant energy, led lights are your go-to. These party lights are a success for a fun gathering. It helps us to add some colors to the night and highlight the beauty of all types of arrangements.

Why we love them: Led lights are amusing to incorporate into your party. Another proper use of led lights is to mark a spotlight or call attention to any structural details and signs.

Make your special Event seem extra-intimate by enhancing the beauty of your table decors. Candle lights bring warm touches to your party and a romantic vibe as well. We love to add an exquisite touch with perfectly selected pieces that reflect your personality and vision using crystal cylinders, unique candle holders, votives, and Monet pieces.

Why we love them: There are a lot of sizes, types, and colors. It helps us bring a warm glow to the table setting and incorporate stylish pieces according to the glassware.

We will love to help you choose the lighting for your upcoming celebration along with the rest of the Décor.

Call us today for a consultation from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668, and let’s get started with your Cabo Event.

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