When thinking about dressing your event we always think in accessories, tables, chairs and the Décor items, but flowers are a very important and key part of the equation, whether they are used as a central piece in the design or as an auxiliar item to consider on the tablescape, we know that most of the times, the flowers are a statement. They represent elegance, luxury life and of course and each of our client’s personality.

The wide range of colors, shapes and volume the flowers provide evoke feeling and memories in each one of us, a smell can transport us to a specific day and situation, they can remind us of a special person or occasion… each of the flowers can connect with different stages of our lives and feelings.

There are different ways to use flowers and greenery on each of the events, ways to mix the flowers or use a wide-range variety of them to add some touches of colors, textures and sometimes even smells. WE love to take advantage of the seasonal flowers and maximize our clients budget with their use. The greenery is a key component to each of the arrangements, as there are different types of shapes, leafs, textures, volume and green color to brighten the color palette of the events.   Using more greenery can also be more cost effective in some cases, that we are able to mix flowers  to make the complete look.

It is always exciting to see our clients’ reaction when they see their full Décor and Flowers in display! As we personalize each of the events we design, we love to make the colors, shapes and structures fit into   the visions, flowers always help us make them more beautiful and elegant… Create the perfect atmosphere!

When using a more neutral color palette  for a gathering or very bright colors for a Ceremony and reception we are able to merge different styles, flowers, structures and many other elements  to make each of the arrangements your own.

Use the light to enhance the colors and brightness of flowers, as the “illuminating” colors, with a mix of the bright flowers, leaves, dry flowers and add a touch with some hand-fruits.  Make the ambiance of your event palpable in every way.

Reuse flowers throughout the night, when thinking about florals we can always re-design, using unique vessels/vases to give them a new touch and ambience. Florals are very malleable and we are able to make a completely new look with the same flowers, the variety of the colors is always very exciting to design and reposition on the events.  We are all-in to using potted plants for a fresh look, as we are located in a desertic-Peninsula, our locally-grown flowers and plants are limited, try to incorporate them into the showcase, possibilities are almost endless when using flowers.

Flowers will always be a perfect gift, Let’s lift your event atmosphere using flowers, let’s do it together!, Call us today for a consultation from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668 and let’s get started with your Cabo Event.

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