Dinner parties, social gatherings with a specific group of people to share a good time, food and beverages. These gatherings are usually driven by a special motive, a birthday celebration, maybe some big news to share with everyone or just for the fun of it… you name it, select your guests, the place, the menu and start putting everything together in order to make your dinner party a success.

What if we told you there’s a way of having a styled dinner party without you having to worry about a thing? What if besides from hosting this beautiful designer event, you can offer your loved ones the opportunity of a vacation they will never forget? Think about celebrating your special occasion with a dinner party in Cabo, the paradise everyone will want to visit and an event designed to be remembered for a long time.

Cabo is a place full of natural wonders and magnificent weather. Plenty of activities, great food and restaurants, beautiful hotels and resorts available for almost any budget, an experience you need to live at least once in a lifetime. But there’s another side of Cabo where the real magic of the place takes control and your experience goes to the next level, it gets personalized.

With the passing of the years, Cabo has been in constant redesign in order to satisfy the necessities of all visitors, to offer accommodation facilities that give the opportunity to each to take complete control of their trip and event. The chance to design a personal experience without thinking about the outside world when you decide to stay either in a private suite or at a Cabo Villa. At Cabo Linens, Things and more we want to take this intimate private experience into the next level. 

Let’s say the occasion is something just for two, from a surprise ring followed by the big question, an anniversary celebration or just looking for a very special romantic date. A customized dinner party involving a full designed setting, this means working with your personal story, your taste and first visualization, creating a specific mood, taking care about spaces, flowers and the full setup with every detail you want to share with us to make the event styling fuller; all of this in order to achieve the customization you are expecting from your romantic dinner party in order to be perfect.

If you are looking for a flawless weekend with the most romantic night and simply have a great time we have the exact custom design you have been imagining.

When was the last trip you took with friends, we can all agree that those kind of trips gets everyone excited knowing it would be a fun-guaranteed one. Now imagine this: 

It is around 6:00 pm, you had a full day of fun at the beach, back at the villa diving in the pool with some cocktails, after quick step in the shower you are ready for the next thing to happen so you come out to the terrace and you can see the most inviting tables-cape for 20 almost asking to be used, a wooden bar with the cold cocktails on it waiting for you to have one… sounds like an inviting experience, right? 

Put on your sunglasses and join everyone, there are food stations, a cake, some balloons on one side, some of your friends at the photo station on the other side, everything very styled and chic and a few moments later you get to experience the magnificent sunset as it falls into the perfect backdrop. It starts the lightning and audio for getting the party started and… you tell us, what would make your Cabo Dinner Party even more perfect. We will design and style it for you.

It’s the annual family gathering and you are looking to do something special. You are thinking in some intimacy and safety, where you can fit all your family members with enough space and fun for everyone from the little ones as well as for the grown ups. Well, you can have that place and on top of all with a pool and close to the beach making it the best place on earth, enough room for everyone to be comfortable, and some commodities that will make you feel grateful with life. If you haven’t heard of Cabo Villas before, right now you might be thinking that’s exactly what you have been looking for.

Let us elaborate because we can’t leave out the fact that it is your annual family reunion and you want to make it something really special, a full styled event, something with dinner tables meticulously designed and put together ready for the buffet for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps you prefer something more casual with tall cocktail tables and heavy appetizers through the night. It all depends on how you are visualizing the dinner party experience you want to have, Now you know that either options are possible and they will look fantastic with a last name customized cake, some balloons, fun signs combined with the place and the view. An event designed for everyone just to enjoy.

Time to start thinking, what will be the occasion for your next dinner party? Once you find out, go big! We are waiting to have you back in Cabo celebrating in the most special way. Let us know what you have in mind and at Cabo Linens Thing and More we will be ready to design it for you. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 to get started, or in México at (624)-124 -2668.

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