Reinventing our website for a complete design and decor experience

Change is inevitable, it is necessary. That’s why at Cabo Linens Things and More we are changing, showing you our work and improving the way we reach you and how we team up for the perfect event. While designing our new website we are looking to be more functional and practical, showing you how we can satisfy your needs, how we are ready to keep designing. No matter what your idea of celebration might be, we are ready to get creative with you and celebrate together.

Either if it’s a wedding or a birthday celebration, an anniversary or a dinner party, it will take only a couple of clicks to find the type of celebration you are looking for and while you are at it you will get assisted by one of our designers. This is just the beginning of the journey.

As a wedding and event design company it is very important for us to understand your vision. From the first interaction with you we get your idea through a complimentary email and a phone call, we start getting to know your inspiration and what you are trying to achieve through your event. We will work on a mood board relying on your inspiration created by our designer. We will put together our knowledge and expertise with your first visual inspiration getting an idea of how your event is going to look like.

During the design process there are different objectives that need to be considered. First we have the appearance; how it looks, what colors, shapes and trends from your inspiration you want to incorporate to achieve your initial visualization. After this we find ourselves with how it makes you and your guests feel; the emotions and sensations your event will transmit to each one of them.

This look and feel part of the design process will go hand in hand with the efficiency we are looking for the whole event. This experience is what we want to share since the moment you go into

You will be able to find examples of inspiration boards, mood boards, 3D floor plans, all of this done by using digital tools so you can realize how real and how close we can get to the final result when designing your event. During your event’s design process, we will be working with the real images and not only with the idea of them.

Our new website will give you the opportunity of having a better journey designing your event, getting you closer to what your customized experience will be.

As Cabo Linens Things and more we will always be happy to assist you with your event in any way you need. Let us be part of it starting in the design process, our team of designers will be thrilled to help you create the perfect mood for your event to be exactly what you want leaving you with only one task: Enjoying your event and having to worry about nothing else but your guests.

Soon you will be able to take a look and amaze yourself with what we are doing and what we are able to create yet.

Take a look, amaze yourself with what we have done and what we are able to create yet. Our clients and friends testimonials backs up our happy customers and their exceeded expectations.

Keep in mind that we will always have a catalog ready with part of the inventory available having it renewed constantly depending on different trends and styles. We would like to invite you to take your event to the next level, get on board with us and we will design the best full experience for your next celebration in Cabo.

No matter how or what your idea might be in your head, we will make it happen. After all we are your wedding and event design company in Los Cabos: from a Beach Birthday Party, a Corporate Event or your Wedding Day, you name it and we will design it for you.

All of this creativity, expertise and amazing design is what we want to showcase with this new website, we are Cabo Linens, Things and more… so much more. Very soon you will be part of this new amazing design experience.

We are waiting to have you back in Cabo celebrating in the most special way. Let us know what you have in mind and at Cabo Linens Thing and More we will be ready to design it for you. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 to get started, or in México at (624)-124 -2668.

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