Dinner Parties

Dinner parties can be celebrated anywhere in the world… but not anywhere in the world you can experience a Baja Celebration Dinner Party!

Through the years Cabo has grown in a surprising way becoming a top destination visited by people all around the world. More than the beautiful landscapes you can find – not only in Cabo but across the Baja – or all the activities available to enjoy in direct contact with nature it’s the sophistication the place has earned with the pass of the years. An exclusive customized experience ready for you.

In Cabo you can find all kinds of resorts for any budget, from the all inclusive to the most exclusive ones. All types of restaurants with different menu options, from local seafood to international delicatessen prepared by recognized chefs around the country and the world.

But what if we told you…

Elegance, sophistication and privacy are some of the highlights that we all look for when it comes to vacation and Cabo has the three of them in one same place for you. Staying in a Cabo Villa is all of this and more, no one to bother you, the beach a few steps away, open areas, gardens, pool and jacuzzi… everything you need is there. Is there something missing? No, could it get any better? Definitely yes! How?

Think about your style, what you like, what are the things you enjoy, your favorite music, favorite color, favorite drink. Mix all that together with all the accommodations Cabo Villas have to offer and to top it all off the help of our designing team… you will have the best dinner party ever. That’s what we call a Baja Celebration, the perfect customized event for you and your people to share with each other in the beautiful Los Cabos. Getting merged with the magic the place has ready for you and having a once in a lifetime memory no matter the occasion or what your definition of a good time is.

At Cabo Linens Things and More we are ready to listen to your ideas, understand your very own style and help you design and decor the whole evening making it exactly as you pictured it. A full table setting to have a delicious Private Chef Dinner, decorations across the place with balloons and signage for great photo opportunities, a designer cake, appetizers throughout the night and drinks ready for everyone at the bar.

That being said you might be wondering, what is really a Baja Celebration then? A special celebration in Cabo where you make the rules and all the decisions, creating a customized dinner party with your very own style, your preferences and what you specifically need according to your guests, your specific celebration and any other detail you would like to customize. Here are some ideas going from a modern style or a beach setup into a tropical design to inspire yourself and put together the best Baja Celebration

That’s what a Baja Celebration means to us, no matter the style you fall into or what are you celebrating. The fact you are choosing to celebrate in Cabo with Cabo Linens Things and More will guarantee you a great time and that’s what Cabo is all about, always having a great time. So if you want to go with a modern, tropical or contemporary design for your dinner party design and decor… it doesn’t matter, all of them could be the perfect Baja Celebration because it isn’t only about how everything looks – which will always be impeccable working with us – but also how it feels, how much you enjoy and the happiness you get to share with all your loved ones.

Let us help you design the best experience you can have in Cabo. Don’t forget to visit our social media and if you are a little curious about what the Baja experience might be call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310) 855-3939 to get started, or in México at (624) 124-2668.

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