Styling Your Cabo Event

Look no further! We can help you do the best celebration ever with Cabo Linens, Things & More…. We are exactly what you are looking for, customizing every detail to make it your own.

You want your celebration to be remembered forever? If you are aparty soul we are your perfect match! Give us the opportunity to make your event something memorable, including elements that will set your celebration apart.

We can start by mentioning we need a great design with specific colors, materials and textures that create the mood according to the personality you want to show in your event. No way food and drinks could be missed out, music with a good sound system -or even a DJ- to get everyone into the party mindset. Balloons, cake, flowers, photographer

We bet that you already have in mind a few more elements that couldn’t be left out from your own celebration. All that you can imagine, we can make it happen, let us design your celebration style and make it a unique experience. Your OWN experience.

For many years we have been on top of mind in the Cabo design and decor industry, working with people visiting from all over the world turning their idea of a great celebration or event into something real. With every new project comes the beginning of a journey, first the event design part which is about the purpose, the intention of your event. The logistics and functionality of everything to work as it should. Then the event decor which goes to the colors, arrangement of objects and the specific looks the whole event will have.

Besides design and decor, there is a third element that goes all along the process helping us customize everything as much as possible: The Event Styling. At Cabo Linens, Things and More we design your event and make it physically real, the styling is the soul of the process.

Your ideas, your vision, your customization to make the event your own; that’s the soul of your celebration. Since the very beginning when we are just getting to know you, discovering what your vision of the perfect celebration is through your inspiration, moodboards and general ideas we are already styling your experience. Why? For us at Cabo Linens, Things and More styling is nothing else than adding up our experience in design and decor with your needs and desires towards your celebration. As a result we have a great event that includes every element and detail to make it functional, beautiful and yet it screams your name on it’s own. A unique experience in design, decor and styling.

At Cabo Linens, Things and More we are event design specialists; event designers and event stylists. We have the experience and therefore the knowledge to make your event design a success. We love every journey we have the chance to join, getting to know you and setting the bar to what we want to achieve together.

In order to make it possible we will design what you are envisioning in your head, the general ideas you may have as a starting point that will let us know the path you want to follow. Here is where we include the moodboards, sketches, digital designs and many other tools that help us give you a clear view of what we are creating together. Event design and event styling go hand in hand when it gets to customization. We design and style your event in order to create something never seen or experienced before.

By styling your event we include your essence and pour your heart into every detail, in design throughout the process and in decor on the day of the setup. We see the styling of your event as a tool making sure that anyone who comes in knows it is your celebration, not because they were invited by you but because the whole event portrays your persona throughout the mood and style created.

For whatever the occasion might be – a Wedding, Birthday Dinner Party or just the idea of having the best Thanksgiving with your family and friends at the comfort of a Cabo Villa or your own home- we are ready to help you style your life. Special moments bring us closer to the ones we love so lets make every moment as special as possible, styling every detail together and creating something so memorable it will last forever.

Let us help you create that experience you already have envisioned since the beginning! Don’t forget to visit our social media to discover everything we could do together to style your next event in Los Cabos. If you are a little curious about what the result might be for your own customized celebration, call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310) 855-3939 to get started, or in México at (624) 124-2668.

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