Future’s ahead – Let’s design something together in Cabo.

Today more than ever we have to take care of each other, but to be able to do that we have to take care of ourselves first, physically and emotionally. Having our mind in a constant state of challenge and creation is just as important as running a few laps now and then, so if you already organized that closet you were afraid to open or if you are looking for an excuse for not opening it at all, we have something that might interest you.

At The Morel Companies we are sure that it will be brighter tomorrow and we will find ourselves celebrating again for many reasons. Here at Cabo Linens, Things and More, we think the same and share that feeling without losing track of the future and we want to invite you to do the same thing, specially if you are from the “lucky” ones that have their birthdays around these days or if you had to postpone any special event, think that the important lesson from all this is the fact that you are celebrating something special, not when. There will be plenty of time, you will always have the possibility of saying “Happy 6 years and 8 months anniversary” or inviting your friends to your 40th… and 8 months old birthday party. If you don’t have a problem with that, we neither. On the contrary, we will make sure that everything is exactly how you expected to be, even the sign with the legend: “Happy 40th ¾ B-Day”.

So, now is the time to awake your inspiration. Let’s start imagining things, planning moments so we can create the perfect future. A future to enjoy as we know we deserve it.

40th Birthday

Celebrations? Keep’em coming!

Maybe you are one of the people that likes to celebrate indoors or maybe not, but to Celebrate is the idea, right? Even when it is under those circumstances we don’t lose the chance of a hug, a call, or thinking about what you will do with your friends next time you see them to celebrate in your very own way. That anniversary with your special someone, another year together to celebrate with a table for two, a few candles, home cooked dinner and two glasses of wine that turns into one of the most intimate and romantic moments.

All these moments created by you, sharing with your loved ones, taking care of them as a result of spending time at home, warm our hearts thinking about how circumstances don’t get in the way when it comes to caring about the ones you love. So it wouldn’t matter the circumstances when you plan your party to celebrate your birthday in december even though you were born in april… remember the ¾? We are in the certainty and feeling really enthusiastic how it won’t be long before we find ourselves celebrating that special event as we had planned since the beginning, and it won’t be long before you can come back to Cabo, your second home and celebrate with us… life, just because we can.

Time is something we can’t ever recover, let’s make it special and if we are being confronted with the fact that we need to stay home, let’s do that and start thinking how do you want to celebrate the birthday you might be missing or the one that is next december and you might be thinking to celebrate with christmas. Maybe it’s time to make that friends trip, to get back on track with the bachelorette party you were planning and do it BIG this time, an anniversary trip. It’s time to get creative and dream, planning your event at the perfect destination: Cabo.

Let’s get started first…

A regular vacation often includes the tickets to get there and getting back, the hotel and maybe an activity or two that the place has to offer, a few restaurants or sometimes staying inside the all inclusive all day and all night long perhaps because the idea is getting relaxed and enjoying your vacation. This time we want you to take it further, this time we will be celebrating something like your 40 and ¾ birthday so it must be something special, picture this…

A private party in a Cabo Villa next to the ocean, with appetizers for you and your guests, cake (with a special message), DJ with music, then dinner is ready for everybody sitting around the table and after dinner, the party keeps going, of course. All the place equipped and with the design and decor exactly as we pictured. And above all, everyone will be eternally grateful with you for being the excuse they were waiting to grab their suitcase and get out of the reality to enjoy for a few days, but having a private personalized party next to the beach… that actually is getting relaxed and enjoying their vacation.

Now, a table for two next to the ocean, you can hear the waves crashing in the back, her favorite flowers, decoration as planned, even fireworks start going off… Do you know what we are talking about? All you both need is to have the most special night just as you deserve. The first step is using your imagination to picture the moments, the emotions you want to share, if we get a bit more technical: visualizing the details of the event. Start defining general situations like open or closed event or something more classic rather than modern and, who knows? It could be the start of a very interesting journey.

What’s next?

We are sure that you already have the next event you would like to plan in your head, now is when you need to let yourself go! The next step is thinking about the particular look that you would like it to have. How do you want it to look? What do you want to transmit? What do you and your guests should feel during every stage of the event? That’s what this part is about: starting your own #stayhomeproject, putting in the table everything you are visualizing, and when we say it in the table, we mean it; in the table, in a board, in a frieze, something solid that if anyone has the chance to take a look at it, it will make them see your style, and by style we refer to how it looks for sure but also how it feels. We are talking about a mood board or inspirational board, a visual tool that communicates our concepts and ideas through images, key words, materials, emotions, sensations and even memories that may come up in the process as reference.

design something together in Cabo.

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I go through all this? When the time comes the designer can  help me do it?” You are right. We will help you all the way from day one and until the last moment but remember that you are our source of inspiration and motivation so, the more defined your idea and vision of the concept is, the easier it will be for us to make it real for you, and also just for the fun of it!  Just imagine that you start working on your own mood board with a defined idea you were sure you wanted to follow, in the way you discover a new color combination, or a flower you like better and that’s when it gets interesting, when you start going further and new possibilities or paths get in your way, things that you didn’t even consider before and suddenly you are picturing yourself celebrating your graduation party with your toes in the sand and your closest friends. It’s about playing to be a designer, investing your free time in something that you will be able to create and enjoy it in real life, as we said before… having something to do to spend time with your new #stayhomeproject.

What if we make it even more interesting…

You know Pinterest, right? It is the most popular and easy to use app for creating virtual boards, it lets you create them by different topics and include references from different sources. It is a very useful resource when it comes to destination events design and decor, like your next event in Cabo. A Pinterest board is key when planning any destination event. We want to inspire you to start your pinterest board about any event you might have in mind but let’s take it further, this time. We want it to be something special, we want you to discover even more about that specific date that you want to celebrate big time and remember forever, that is why we raised the bar. Can you handle the challenge?

Let’s make it old school, put your board together, get some tacks and start collecting every detail that you think it’s necessary to include as a reference for the big event, whatever it might be. You need to start deciphering in a physical way by colors, shapes, the aspect of the place, the lightning and then the sensations with some textures, the emotions that create the mood that you are looking for; something rustic, romantic, modern, relaxed, classic or a combination of two or three of them to create something avant garde… we might be going to far, huh? Try it yourself, it can be as big and specific as you want, maybe start simple and grow it from there. Be sure that we will be here waiting to meet you halfway already knowing where you are going and us supporting you in every way we can, witnessing how something that once started as an idea, as a simple collage transformed into something real, something that can be seen, can be felt, can be enjoyed in the real world.


So, what are you waiting for? That event you were thinking about a few lines before is the one. Think about what you would like to transmit, how you would like it to look… we will not ask where you would like to do it because we already know the place is Cabo with Cabo Linens, Things and More.

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