Romantic Getaway to Cabo – Dinner for Two Design Ideas for Engagement, Wedding & Anniversary Elopements to Cabo San Lucas

It only takes two for a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas. That’s a rather obvious statement for those considering a destination engagement or anniversary, but a somewhat radical and potentially liberating one when it comes to destination weddings.

Yes, you can elope to Cabo. Of course you can. There are no rules that say you and your beloved have to spend a year or more of your lives wading through the decision making minutiae of wedding planning. For many couples, working through these traditional time-honored steps is a valuable part of the process. But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

All it really takes is the two of you, and just because you haven’t invited family and friends to the wedding doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with them–individually or collectively–at a later date.

It also doesn’t mean your wedding design and décor options are limited to City Hall classical. There’s more than one way to elope, as you’ll see from our accompanying photos.

Elegant? Yes. Breathtakingly beautiful? Absolutely. Boring or simplistic? No. Decidedly not.

But you be the judge.

Affirm Your Love with a Romantic Getaway to Cabo

The timeless appeal of Los Cabos as an engagement, wedding and anniversary destination begins not with the region’s many luxurious resorts and rental villas–although they are undeniably world-class–but rather with its magnificent and awe-inspiring natural settings.

Los Cabos boasts over 100 miles of gorgeous coastal locales, with golden sand beaches buttressed between serene Sea of Cortés vistas and crashing Pacific Ocean waves, and an inland landscape defined by stark desert and rugged mountains.

For larger get-togethers these spectacular natural venues are sometimes relegated to the status of picturesque backdrops, but with intimate “just for two” events they’re easily integrated into the heart of the action. Notice in the accompanying photos how sun, sand, sea and gently swaying palm trees serve to “frame” couples, symbolically as well as literally for keepsake mementos like photographs and videos.

What could be more appropriate for a celebration of eternal vows, after all, than a ceremony on Lover’s Beach at Land’s End, surrounded by monumental granite rocks that have been polished to perfection over the course of some 80 million years?

Dinner for Two in Paradise

Who says you need a guest list for your unforgettable romantic getaway to Cabo? All you really need is each other…plus of course the talented designers at Cabo Linens, Things & More, who will help set the stage for your unforgettable moment with mood appropriate design and décor.

A beachfront table for two is perfect for any special dinner occasion, from a romantic night out to an engagement proposal to a “just the two of us” wedding or anniversary celebration. Notice how the golden accents, from glittering hand-painted chairs and lanterns to gilt-edged chargers and glassware, and gold-plated silverware, votive holders and candlesticks–work in concert with the surrounding golden sands to create an elegant and altogether magnificent al fresco mis-en-scene.

Notice too how the deck and overhanging palo de arco pergola (an “only in Baja” architectural element) frame your intimate dinner for two artfully amid the awe-inspiring natural setting, constrasting the bright colors of the flower arrangements with the raw beauty of blue-pink clouds, evocatively shaped rocks and crashing ocean waves.

Champagne is the de rigeur tableside accompaniment for a “romantic getaway to Cabo” beachfront dinner, but far from the only mood enhancing option available. Catering staff, for example, may be engaged to serve up a multicourse wedding or engagement meal–complete with wine pairings and, on request, a dessert hidden diamond ring–and fireworks displays can be scheduled to coincide with the proposal, or better yet the acceptance and subsequent afterglow. Live music courtesy of wandering minstrels or a matching charro suit clad mariachi band may also be arranged.

“Just the Two of Us” & What That Means for Romantic Getaways to Cabo

There’s no denying that floorplans and digital design models are a lot easier to put together when there are only two people attending…be it the bride and groom, boyfriend and girlfriend, or same sex partners.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. It just means that the tangible forms that creativity is likely to take will look even less familiar than expected.

For instance, even if you’ve helped to craft an original design concept for a traditional wedding reception, it’s going to at least look somewhat recognizable in its broad outlines due to standard event specific furnishings like dinner tables and chairs, a dance floor, a cake table, and the like.

Once you pare away the necessities to feed and entertain guests, all these expected design requirements disappear, as if by magic. So just as skipping the guest list and invitations is liberating in the sense of time and work saved, eloping on a Cabo romantic getaway also liberates you in terms of expected events and itineraries and design schemes.


What’s left is whatever suits your personality and that of your beloved. For some couples, a beachfront ceremony or dinner is more than enough in terms of a “special event.” Beyond that, the Cabo sojourn may be viewed as either honeymoon or romantic vacation, depending on the circumstances.  

For others, the entire elopement can be viewed through the prism of this new phase in your relationship, whether that means an engagement, wedding, renewal of vows, or an important anniversary. Which is to say, every event during the duration of your trip is special because of the person you’re sharing it with, and what it means for your future life together.

Does that indicate an underwater ceremony, a moonlit dinner on the patio of a cliffside luxury villa, or a horseback or carriage ride along a secluded stretch of golden coast?

That’s a decision that can only be made by two.

Why Cabo Linens, Things & More

CLTM is the premier event design and décor firm in Los Cabos, best known for our talented cadre of designers, but also acclaimed for our large inventory of event focused furnishings and accessories. We’ll help you realize your own vision of a romantic getaway to Cabo for an engagement, wedding or anniversary celebration, from an initial one-on-one consultation to digital design models to the event itself. Call us today at (310) 855-3939  to get started.

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