Cabo Event Design Trends

Cabo Event Design Trends – What’s Hot & What’s Not in 2019

When it comes to Los Cabos events, some things never change. Beachfront venues with swaying palm trees and stunning ocean vistas, for example, have always and will always be in demand. But for Cabo event design–meaning the décor and design accents that frame the region’s famed backdrops, and make them look even more spectacular than usual–let’s face it: things are always changing. New design trends emerge each year, promising fresh new looks and singular experiences, while the previous year’s trends recede into the distant mists of memory, becoming fossilized relics of parties past.

That has certainly been the case this year. A snapshot glimpse at some of our most recent events (see photos below) reveals new furnishings, new décor accents, new areas of focus and vivid new color schemes…basically, a snapshot glimpse of what people value and find aesthetically pleasing in 2019.

Those considering Cabo events don’t necessarily have to bend in whichever direction the design winds are currently blowing. There is such a thing as classical styling, of course, and there is also a fundamental design principle that says events should reflect the personalities of the people hosting them, or those they are designed to honor. Birthday party décor, for example, should celebrate the uniqueness of the individual, just as a wedding design should celebrate the couple and their unique love story.

But even if you’re not going to implement the latest design styles and fashions, it’s still important to know what they are. Rebellion is only meaningful if you know what you’re rebelling against. And you can only stay one step ahead of the curve if you know where the curve is right now.

With that in mind, here’s a look and what’s hot and what’s not for Cabo event design in 2019.

Authenticity & Sustainability

One might think that authenticity has always been valued in cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, and that the one-of-a-kind charms of these Mexican getaway destinations was why they were chosen as sites in the first place.

Yet that hasn’t always been the case. Yes, tacos and margaritas have always been staples, as have mariachi bands and even Mexican cigar rollers. But it is only recently that event hosts have really started to value authentic local accents, and décor staples like artisanal wooden furnishings, blankets, linens, pottery and glassware. Signature Baja architectural elements like palapa roofs and palo de arco pergolas help set the tone for the region’s now trademark blend of rustic beachfront chic, but it’s the colorful handmade arts and crafts that really make an authentic Cabo event design special.

Cabo Event Design Trends

Those with visions of tacos and margaritas needn’t worry, however. You can still arrange with the caterer for your Mexican comfort food favorites. Just make sure the tortillas are handmade and filled with fresh local seafood and organic regional produce, and that the margaritas include a splash of Damiana, an herbal liqueur and reputed aphrodisiac native to the region.

Getting Creative with Color

Traditional white weddings are still popular, and probably always will be. We mentioned the term “classical” in the introduction and white weddings are the perfect encapsulation of this forever elegant design style.

For brides-to-be who haven’t grown up dreaming of a fairy tale white wedding, however, the focus now is on color. The move vivid and vibrant and tropical and splashy the better. This trend towards strong, striking color schemes and accents has not only become prevalent at weddings, but at other event types as well, from birthday celebrations like bar mitzvahs and quinceañeras to dinner parties and corporate outings.

Much of this trend can be traced to the rising popularity of the Pantone color matching system, which not only standardizes colors but orders them within a sort of universal language, allowing designers to easily create custom patterns and graduated color schemes.

The 2018 Pantone color of the year, ultra violet, was about as subtle as a solar flare, and helped set the tone for a year of extravagantly dazzling designs. This year’s color, living coral, is not quite as show-stopping, but its pastel shading makes it much more design-friendly for beachfront destinations like Cabo San Lucas. 

Seamless Integration of Technology        

One thing that has become undeniable this year is that we don’t want to be separated from our devices–particularly our smart phones–for even a few hours. Being able to share photos and videos and interact on social media is now an essential part of how we experience the world. The special events world is not exempt from this, and in fact events are the time when people are most likely to share, thanks to both the importance of the occasion and the often breathtaking backdrops and design.

What does this mean for event design in Cabo? For starters, it has put a premium on access to outlets and charging stations. A lounge area in 2019 is designed not only for comfort and style, but also for connectivity. The same holds true with banquet halls, and other event spaces.

Tech savvy has also translated to stage settings and presentations, from rom-com courtship recaps to multimedia projections screens simulating live beneath the sea. You don’t have to live stream your party, but there are definitely more ways to document it and to captivate your guests than ever before.   

Not So Hot in 2019

Some of the hottest trends in 2018 have cooled off considerably in 2019. A year ago, blonde furniture, pearls, rosy walkways and hand-woven wedding wreaths were all the rage. Now? Not so much. But don’t blame last year’s tastes. There’s never room for the new if some of the old isn’t being constantly swept aside.

One trend that continues to gain traction is the widespread preference for flamboyantly colorful flowers, candles and centerpieces. The Pantone color scheme may have changed slightly, as we detailed above, but bright and bold flower arrangements and tablescapes are still decidedly “in”.

The Cabo Linens, Things & More Advantage

To find out more about what’s hot and what’s not for Cabo San Lucas events, Call Cabo Linens, Things & More. CLTM is the premier event design and décor firm in Los Cabos, best known for our talented cadre of designers, but also acclaimed for our large inventory of event focused furnishings and accessories. We’ll help you tease out your own vision of an eye-catching Cabo event design, from an initial one-on-one consultation to digital design models and three-dimensional floorplans. Call us today at (619) 819-9180 to get started.

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