Leaves don’t change colors in sunny Los Cabos, during autumn or any other time of year. The palm trees stay green and so do the cactus. But that doesn’t mean the fall season isn’t a much anticipated time for Los Cabos events, or that seasonal colors don’t make dramatic appearances in event design and décor.

However, since cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are one-of-a-kind destinations with sui géneris settings to match, traditional looks are inevitably given their own unique twists, be it for Thanksgiving dinner parties, birthday celebrations, beachfront weddings or other special events.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a basic guide to the aesthetics of autumn for Los Cabos events, with design tips and suggestions for showcasing the spirit and signature colors of the season.


Fall Colors and Design Ideas for Los Cabos Events

What is it about autumn that defines the season? In many places, the changing colors of leaves on trees is the dominant image, but it should also be remembered that this is harvest season, the time when crops are brought in, and thus a time of enormous bounty. Fall also coincides with the shortening of days, when sunlight loses some of its intensity. It’s a time of very moderate temperatures, in other words, so that fresh food and wine can comfortably be enjoyed in outdoor settings. And once outdoors the dominant motif is color.

Whether its burnt umber, ochre, russet, sage or burgundy, nothing seems to embody the spirit of autumn quite like colors…notably, the rich dark natural hues suggestive of vine ripened gourds, twilight and turning leaves. And even though the latter aren’t seen in Los Cabos, that doesn’t mean the color palette can’t be used to great effect in seasonal events.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to integrate these distinctive colors into design patterns is through flowers. As you’ll notice in the accompanying photos, the artful marriage of these colors can work in a myriad of creative ways, from bridal wrist corsages, garlanded chairs and tabletop centerpiece arrangements to decorative accent for place settings and sign displays, and nature made material for gorgeous hand-woven altars.

Flowers, of course, are a favorite for all seasons, adapted for autumn events in Los Cabos according to color, shape and texture. Roses, in particular, are perfect for the fall color palette, but so too are dahlias and lilies, as well as foodstuffs like apples, pears, pumpkins, gourds and squash. Pumpkins, both small and large, are a staple décor accent for the season, notably for Halloween costume balls and Thanksgiving dinner parties.

Given the Mexican setting, Halloween themed events may also combine iconic imagery and décor elements associated with Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This holiday, celebrated contemporaneous with the Catholic tradition of Allhallowtide, remembers friends and family who have passed, and often involves the building of public of private altars called ofrendas. These altars are traditionally adorned with favorite food or drinks of the deceased, as well as items like Catrina figures (elegantly dressed female skeletons), Aztec marigolds, candied sugar skulls, papeles picados (stylized paper cutouts), and a special bread called pan de muerto.

One needn’t devote the entire theme to these uniquely Mexican accents, but judicious use adds both regional and seasonal spice to any occasion. Just remember, the use of any of the aforementioned décor accents is largely dependent on the time of the season. Halloween and Day of the Dead themed events have their own distinctive aesthetic, as do Thanksgiving dinners.

For all other to-dos, from birthdays to destination weddings, the calendar date is far less important than the season as a whole, and its aesthetic expression within a given site or venue. Speaking of which….

Matching Design & Décor to Gorgeous Los Cabos Settings

There is much more to designing “Los Cabos events” than simply identifying signature colors and distinctive seasonal elements. These telltale furnishings and accents must also be tailored for a design in a specific setting, and customized for the unique needs of a given occasion.

When one thinks of gorgeous settings for Los Cabos events, the first image is often of a golden sun-kissed beach framed by palm trees and gently lapping waves. Certainly, there is no shortage of striking coastal scenery, but Los Cabos also boasts a wealth of other potential outdoor settings–from cliffside aeries above crashing ocean waves to sculpted desert gardens and foothill hideaways–not to mention banquet halls and ballrooms at upscale resorts and rental properties. Each are beautiful in their own way, and all offer abundant opportunities to match seasonal colors with creative design schems.

But beautiful as the ballrooms and banquet halls may be, autumn is a season that seems to cry out for outdoor settings. For a fall wedding, for instance, outdoor settings are almost a must, at least for the ceremony. That’s when the gorgeous local beaches are at their best, providing spectacular ocean backdrops for rather simple designs with an altar, aisle runners, and row upon row of elegant Chiavari chairs contrasted against acres of soft golden sand.

Ocean view outdoor settings are also de rigeur during the fall season for receptions and dinner parties, with regional architectural accents like palapas and palo de arco pergolas blending seamlessly with the simple elegance of unvarnished wooden tables. These rustic furnishings photograph beautifully against panoramic vistas of horizon-stretching ocean blue, and act as a kind of blank canvas for creative table settings. Add silver candlesticks, red apples, rich plums and a splash of color via floral centerpieces for the essence of seasonal Los Cabos style.

Outdoor gardens at coastal luxury villas offer similarly breathtaking ocean views, but with their manicured grounds offer opportunities for a more boho chic brand of design elegance. But even boutique touches like wildflower potpourri, flower festooned cow skulls, hand-scripted wooden signs and artfully edge-frayed cocktail menus are barely scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible for Los Cabos events this fall. To fully realize your one-of-a-kind design vision, you’ll need an accomplished local ally like Cabo Linens, Things and More.

Why Cabo Linens, Things & More?

CLTM is the premier event design and décor firm in Los Cabos, best known for our talented cadre of designers, but also acclaimed for our large inventory of event focused furnishings and accessories. We’ll help you realize your own vision of Los Cabos events this autumn, from an initial one-on-one consultation to digital design models to the event itself. Call us today at (310) 855-3939  to get started.

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