The Differences Between Event Decorating Companies and Event Planners

If you are thinking about getting married, hosting a party or planning a get-together of another variety, you will quickly find the planning process is much more difficult than initially assumed. There are plenty of pieces to the event puzzle, from decorations to catering, entertainment, seating, lighting, scheduling, venue considerations and beyond.

When planning an event in another country, these considerations are intensified by the inability to visit vendors in person, try services or goods before the event and scope out the venue. Planning is also made more difficult when communication is limited due to regional language barriers.

For this reason, if you are planning a destination event in Cabo San Lucas, assistance is necessary in the form of professional event decorating companies as well as event planning companies. To understand why both are important, and often separate entities, there are some important distinctions to make between the industries.

Event Decorating Companies

Event decorators, often called event designers, are focused on how the venue looks aesthetically. Event designers are the creative professionals who design event spaces with the appropriate organization and décor. They are able to visually transform a space, putting proper elements together to bring the client’s unique vision to life.

Event decorating companies specifically zero in on the event’s visual display and the story it tells. They work with hotels, individuals and vendors to organize and then decorate the entirety of a space, making client’s dreams (and Pinterest boards) come to life!

Personnel at Cabo Linens Things and More will discuss design strategy with the client every step of the way, offering sketches, floor plans and even 3D designs so that clients are in control of the planning from any location in the world.

Event designers are professionals you need on your side to source the best flowers, linens, accessories, chairs, signage, escort cards, cake toppers and other design elements. These event experts also help clients select a color palette, select and manage rentals, table and ceiling decor, generate a floor plan, create an area for photos, and more.

In most instances, event decorators depart the scene when the set-up is done. They return after the event to collect rented materials. Try to think of the event decorating company as a group that is forming a personal brand or telling a visual story at the event. They provide visual cohesion that makes a meaningful impact, engages those who attend and ultimately makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Event Planners

Event planners are masters of logistics. They know all the best vendors, from lighting experts to musicians, photographers, caterers and so on. They know how to get these service providers to the venue on time with a high level of frequency. An event planner will manage the small details of your big event and be there every step of the way to provide whatever assistance you need when planning and coordinating.

This professional details the timeline of the event, serves as the liaison (and sometimes, interpreter) between vendors and clients, ensures the event proceeds as planned and generally reduces the client’s stress. The event planner is also charged with orchestrating a rehearsal the night prior to the event, or a reception after the event. This professional is available from the point when vendors set up at the venue until the last vendor removes his or her items at the end of the reception. Yet there is one thing event planning companies do not handle on their own: decorations.

Can Someone Plan and Decorate a Wedding, Party or Other Event?

It is possible for a highly skilled professional to wear both professional “hats” of event designers and event planners. However, few are capable of excelling in both roles. For this reason, event decorating companies and event planning companies often have other individuals or teams they partner with to complete the full scope of event planning and decorating.

At Cabo Linens Things and More we are event designers hired by individuals, other event planners, venues, hotels and more, to design event spaces into visually stunning attractions.

However, the majority of the time we partner with our sister company, which handles all the details of event planning. Our companies, complementing each other’s talents, are able to seamlessly communicate and have become experts at collaboration, planning and design together.

Let the experts at each of these organizations do what they do best and you will rest easy knowing your event will be planned to perfection. Just as important is the fact that it will be decorated in a way every attendee finds tasteful. Above all, this extensive level of professional support will ensure your event makes everyone happy and provides them lasting memories.

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