Your Cabo wedding is in the works and you are likely pondering how the venue will look. Your big day has to look absolutely perfect, yet this does not mean you should pay attention to every last detail of the design process. Let a proven designer handle your wedding decorations and you can focus on actually enjoying your wedding.

There is no sense in worrying about how your wedding venue looks when a true professional can perfect the design. This is the assistance you need to present a lovely and welcoming space for your wedding guests that looks amazing on pictures and video. Your designer will key in on those subtleties that actually make quite a big difference. Here are some of the most important wedding day details your designer will be sure to highlight when selecting wedding decorations and preparing the venue for the big day.


Directions and Signage

Experienced wedding designers know the importance of small details. While table centerpieces or flowers may be more fun to discuss, every wedding requires clear directions and signage to run smoothly. Keep in mind your wedding guests are in a new environment and may be unsure where to go. If you do not provide them with clear directions and signage, they might get lost or affect the flow of things. Your designer will help you with the details of directions and signage to reduce the chances of a misunderstanding. This way, guests will arrive at your wedding on time and will know where to go. You won’t have to worry about people showing up late or causing a disturbance.

This includes directions and signage before the event. Your wedding planner can help you include either a map or a link to an online map so guests know exactly how to get there. Also, include a map of the route from the ceremony site to the reception venue. Lastly, signage on the day of the wedding should be posted in all different areas of the venue, from the ceremony area to the reception space, the bar, restrooms and so on.

Wedding Decorations in and Around the Entrance

The first impression of your wedding is essential to its success and the way it is remembered. Your wedding entrance should be beautiful, functional and spacious. A wedding designer will personalize this space to make it feel that much more inviting. Highlight this space and it will help your wedding guests feel at home as soon as they arrive.

Consider an escort card table created with the assistance of a florist. If it has ample height, it will be the first thing your wedding guests see when they walk in. Escort cards can be personalized with the colors of your wedding day to add that extra special bit of flair that actually makes a big difference. Your wedding designer might float out some creative ideas for presenting seating cards. As an example, consider pinning them to a clothesline to make the entrance that much more intriguing and fun.

The entrance can also feature a guest book with a twist. Consider a scrapbook version in which guests snap a wedding day photo with a Polaroid camera in the entrance area. This is just one way to make your wedding entrance that much more inviting, lively and enjoyable.

Reception Set-Up & Cake Table

The cake table is the central point of the reception area. This is where the majority of guests will take snapshots and socialize with one another. The cake table will also be prominently featured during those cake-cutting photographs. For this reason, it must be staged in a flawless manner. Your designer will help by keeping décor down low on the cake table. This puts emphasis on the cake itself rather than the surrounding decorations. A beautiful linen should dress the table. Tea light candles, little blooms and/or other intricate wedding decorations can be added to make the space look that much more lovely.

Perfect Lighting

The proper wedding lighting can do wonders for your Cabo wedding venue, and your photos. Add the right lights and it will create an ambiance that makes people comfortable and allows for the most photogenic snapshots. Lighting can also generate a feeling of intimacy and class within a large or open space. This is the close and personal feel every wedding needs, no matter how large it is.

Your wedding designer will key in on décor elements that prove visually striking and enhance photos/video of the ceremony. String lights can be used to connect a fairly large reception area or generate a faux ceiling.  Lamps with distinct shades, decorative hanging lights, and crystal chandeliers can turn a fairly plain space into one that looks and feels quite luxurious.


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