Villas in Los Cabos

Beyond Breathtaking – Event Design and Décor Ideas for Villas in Los Cabos

One associates luxury villas in Los Cabos, as elsewhere, with the very rich; and for a very good reason. These fairy tale properties are available as residences only to a select few. In Cabo San Lucas’ exclusive hillside enclave of Pedregal, for instance, many of the villas are owned by celebrity actors and athletes, as well as other figures celebrated in their chosen fields.

But owning is one thing, and renting is another. Luckily in Los Cabos there is always availability to reserve villas as vacation rentals or as venues for destination weddings and other special events. As a matter of fact, they offer tremendous flexibility and freedom. Unlike many area resorts, which often have a very defined set of rules for events, villas allow clients to fully express their own vision for design and décor. Because these villas are in essence small boutique properties, there is no reason they cannot be totally redesigned and reimagined in terms of look, giving clients a blank canvas when it comes to their dream design palette.

Villas in Los Cabos

Naturally, villas in Los Cabos also provide more than ample space for destination events. The largest of these properties, after all, boast somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 to 12 bedrooms, and can accommodate 100 guests or more (in a select few cases, substantially more) for special events.

As to the views, these are beyond breathtaking–regardless of the villa you choose–and they have the added benefit of complete and utter privacy.

In other words, if your goal is to find a venue whose magnificence is equal to that of the occasion, and where you have the freedom to achieve your dream vision of the perfect design, then you cannot do better than “villas in Los Cabos” for your destination wedding, dinner party or other special events.

We mentioned Pedregal, the Cabo San Lucas hillside enclave where many of the most celebrated local villas are located. But it’s important to note that amazing villas are found throughout Los Cabos; in cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, as well as all along the 20-mile tourist corridor that connects them.

Design & Décor for a Destination Wedding Ceremony

Generally speaking, there are two great options for clients considering a villa venue for their destination wedding ceremony: beach and terrace.

Many brides and grooms choosing villa venues opt for a simple beach ceremony followed by rather more elegant design and décor for their cocktail hour and reception dinner. Simple meaning, in this context, an altar woven with fresh flowers, set against a gorgeous ocean backdrop. From a design perspective, this simple formula of chairs, altar, ocean can be made even more memorable by evocative decorative elements like wooden “Leave shoes here” signs displayed by a shoe valet, putting everyone in the mood for a simple and moving barefoot beach ceremony.

Popular as beachfront ceremonies are, utilizing broad villa terraces with their jaw-dropping infinity pools and sweeping ocean views is also a compelling option. Again, one of the main selling points for villas is that these spaces are not only spectacular, but provide a blank canvas from a design standpoint, so that brides and grooms (but let’s be honest, mainly brides) can achieve the dream look and style they’ve always envisioned.

As you’ll see in the accompanying photos, these ceremony design looks may be varied, but they’re all beautiful, and more importantly all reflect the original design ideal of the clients.

Villas in Los Cabos
Villas in Los Cabos

Cocktail Hour Design

There are three main aspects to a destination wedding celebration: ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Think of them as symphonic movements. Each contains lovely music, but all are different in terms of emotional tenor, and therefore in design and décor.

Cocktail hours, for instance, are usually an opportunity for elegant and sophisticated looks, as can be seen in the accompanying photos, which show designs custom tailored to their specific villa venue.

But weddings, as previously mentioned, aren’t the only special events that can be hosted by luxury villas in Los Cabos. Dinner parties, birthday parties, corporate events and more also offer incredible possibilities for memorable occasions.

The important thing to note is that the space requirements will differ according to the type of event.

Destination Wedding Receptions & After Parties

The most popular event space in any Los Cabos luxury villa is almost always the most expansive terrace, which is often designed around at least one infinity pool and inevitably features stunning views of ocean blue…with the precise hue differing only slightly between the Sea of Cortés or Pacific Ocean.

For destination affairs like wedding receptions, 10-top tables (either round or rectangular) are often group around the terrace infinity pool, with all the signature design elements–tablescapes, flowers, lighting, signage–coordinated so that they harmonize with the surrounding beauty, but are still able to express a very specific design aesthetic…be it timeless elegance, boho chic or Baja style.

But as you’ll see in the accompanying photos, terraces may be the most common space wedding receptions, but they are certainly not the only one. Some villas offer wide lawns that look out over beach as well as ocean, others house lovely gardens with colorful flowers and classical fountains and statuary.

The options are many, which goes right to the appeal of villas in Los Cabos for destination weddings, dinner parties and other special events: clients never have to compromise on their wishes. They just have to find the right property in which to express their own personal vision.

Villas in Los Cabos
Villas in Los Cabos
Villas in Los Cabos

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