What’s Hot in Cabo – Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas
Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

Some things never change when it comes to events in Cabo San Lucas. The weather is always warm, the beaches beautiful, the ocean views dramatically picturesque, the venues and amenities first-class in every respect…

Other things, by contrast, are always changing and evolving. Design styles and event décor and accents, for instance. Yes, there is such thing a classic styling, but each year new trends transform the way we imagine (and insist) our celebrations should look, from color palettes to table, linen and dinnerware patterns.

Nothing ever stays the same when it comes to design, nor would we be satisfied if it did…because one of the primary goals for any celebration–be it wedding, birthday, dinner party or the like–is to create a setting that reflects the specialness of the occasion, and gives rise to an experience that no one who attends will ever forget…from the guests to the guests of honor.

Freshness and originality are thus of the essence, and keystones in crafting a design and décor scheme that captures the imagination, yet also works perfectly within the practical guidelines of a given event. With those principles firmly in mind, here are three of the top design and décor trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas.


And the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 Is…

Perhaps no single element is so overwhelmingly associated with yearly design trends as the Pantone color of the year.

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas
Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas


Pantone, of course, is the iconic color matching and color standardization system that first came to prominence in the 1960s, and over the past 50 years has become almost a universal language of color. Its influence is felt in virtually every aspect of contemporary society, from food and furnishings to cocktails, computers and cosmetics.

Indeed, Pantone’s color of the year (last year it was living coral) is so pervasive it becomes part of the daily landscape of our lives, and as if by magic transforms the way events look and feel, changing the tenor and mood of a room through skillful threading of primary and secondary hues in décor accents like linens, flower arrangements, tablescapes and the like.

So what does that mean for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas? Expect plenty of classic blue–Pantone’s latest color of the year–used in a myriad of creative modes and fashions.

Although blue is already a primary color in Cabo designs in the sense that virtually every venue boasts breathtaking Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortés vantages, it will almost certainly be used as more than a background accent in 2020. Classic and related shades of blue–from azure and cobalt to sapphire to cerulean–will be popular choices for décor and accessories like lounge chairs and lighting, plates, glassware, candles, signage, gift wrapping…the list goes on and on.

That’s the power of Pantone.


A Focus on Unique Venue Experiences

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

Why set your destination wedding or event in an elegant if rather generic resort ballroom when the options include clifftop luxury villas with sweeping terraces and infinity edge views of endless ocean, as well as the occasional sight of breaching whales or leaping dolphins?

Why indeed?

Unique venue experiences are expected to be a major trend in 2020, which means less, honestly, in Cabo San Lucas than elsewhere. This is a place, after all, where gorgeous seaside venues and one-of-a-kind adventures are already par for the course.

That is to say, unique venue experiences are one of the reasons people set their events in Cabo San Lucas in the first place.

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

Well, expect the metaphorical bar to be raised even higher for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas. Beachfront and al fresco terrace and poolside spaces will continue to be au courant, but the biggest shift will most likely be in experiential and culturally focused add-ons like tequila or cigar rolling stations, dancers or performance artists, or dinner menus utilizing only fresh local seafood and organic regional produce.

Mexican cultural staples like mariachi bands and horse-drawn carriages will continue to be popular for events in “2020 in Cabo San Lucas”, but so too will things like sea turtle release programs as part of wedding receptions, mobile spa services for bachelorette parties, bridal photo shoots at Land’s End, and groomsmen outings to play golf or swim with whale sharks…

Anything, in short, which adds value and interest to event proceedings, and is only found in, or specifically associated with Los Cabos and the Baja California peninsula.


Eclecticism and an Increasing Mix of Design Styles

For years, the focus of event design and décor has been on choosing a style that captures a preferred mood or complements a chosen venue. Say boho chic design for a beachfront wedding reception, or formal elegance for a dinner party in an exclusive banquet hall.

The style itself isn’t necessarily the most important thing, but rather the artistry in executing it; the ability to add masterstrokes; small touches of class or creativity within the overall scheme.

This classical approach will probably always remain popular for the mass of party throwers (and partygoers), but one of the most interesting things to watch for in 2020 is the emergence of a new kind of design eclecticism, in which multiple styles are melded to create something familiar yet also utterly new.

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

Expect plenty of different looks in Cabo in 2020, as natural materials like wood and stone are contrasted with mixed metals, textured fabrics and striking prints…thoroughly modern elements interjected and interposed with vintage furnishings and traditional architectural models.        

Mixing and matching styles is, of course, extremely difficult to do well. But if you believe, as many do, that the true art of fashion is in blending as many patterns as possible without clashing, then this new “eclecticism” offers exciting possibilities when it comes to destination events in Cabo San Lucas.

Finding a first-rate ally is absolutely essential, though, for this kind of innovative and ambitious design style.

So the fourth trend for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas, and a popular choice in any year, is to engage the services of Cabo Linens, Things & More.

Event Design and Décor Trends for 2020 in Cabo San Lucas

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