As you plan your destination wedding, you may be wondering what types of tables are available for your venue, which shapes and layouts would work best for your wedding style, and whether or not your budget can accommodate the style you love most.

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While cost and availability will certainly vary in different parts of the world, we would love to share a little more information about the options you have when you choose Linens, Things and More… for your destination wedding design here in Los Cabos!


The most traditional table shape we work with is round. This shape tends to work best for larger wedding groups and is also a cost-effective option because most of the hotels have round tables available. If the hotel offers your table shape and size, then you can save money by renting only what you need from outside your venue.

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Rectangular tables can work well with a rustic look if you choose a wooden table, or you could use linens over synthetic tables for a more formal rectangular look. The most dramatic look, the Imperial table, is actually a succession of rectangular tables and can really make an impact visually. The Imperial table set-up is recommended for small to medium sized weddings, and again this set-up can look as formal or as rustic as you wish.

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If you are interested in doing a head table for the bridal party, then you would also be working with a succession of rectangular tables. For a head table set-up, the entire bridal party sits at one table facing the other wedding guests. This is a very formal seating style, and one that requires consideration of the size of the bridal party and the number of guests in attendance. If the bridal party makes up a large percentage of the total number in attendance, then we would not encourage use of a head table.


Another option for some locations is the U-shape. U-shaped seating will only be possible with a certain number of guests and in certain venues, so we really cannot say if this seating option would work for your wedding until we know the specifics. If a U-shape does work for your group, then you would need to decide if you want guests to sit only on the outside of the “U,” which is a more formal style, or if you want seating all the way around the “U.” The cost for this seating arrangement is often higher because more linens are required to cover all the tables in this layout.


Square tables are a great option for a more modern wedding look. For an eclectic look (or to break up the monotony of one table shape throughout the space), we love mixing square and round tables (or rectangular and round tables). Mixing the tables works best for larger groups, and as always our designers would know best what to recommend based on your location, style and budget!

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If you have questions about your table design options or any other aspect of your destination wedding decor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call (310) 855-3939 from the U.S. or Canada.

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