Wedding Decorations, Furniture & Trends in 2018

The new year has brought an assortment of interesting new wedding trends, many of which are here to stay for years to come. If you are thinking about getting married or are already engaged, it is time to take note of these emerging trends and consider whether they belong in your wedding. Though it is certainly true the timeless, classic wedding touches will always prove successful, it does not hurt to switch things up and consider some new styles and features that are on-trend in 2018.

What’s in Style for 2018 Wedding Decorations?

All sorts of fun and stylish wedding trends have appeared in the first couple months of 2018. Wedding planners have noticed more couples are interested in niceties like laser-cut linens, marble dance floors, diversely colored florals used in unexpected ways and so much more. Even ceremony aisles are now featuring botanicals, dogwood arrangements and potted plants.

Color is especially en vogue for 2018. Brightly-colored flowers and candle centerpieces with rich hues are popping up at wedding tables across the globe. It is interesting to note these new year trends are holding true for weddings of all types and sizes. Venture out to casual weddings, the overly-formal variety, traditional fetes and all other types of weddings and you will notice plenty of common themes.

2018 is the Year of Colorful Wedding Decorations and Flowers

Florals have never been more on-trend for weddings. Though just about every wedding has featured flowers, this year brings a whole new wave of flowers and greenery. Flowers and greenery are now being featured on everything from wedding dresses to veils, tables, walkways and beyond.

Vessels are just as important as the flowers themselves. This year’s brides have been mixing new and vintage pieces. Everything from colored glass to vintage cut glass, concrete and even geometric shapes have been used for floral wedding decorations in the new year. When in doubt, go bold. This is your chance to take a risk with your wedding décor and make a lasting memory.

Wedding Decorations for 2018: Transparent Components

There has been a spike in transparent wedding decorations and settings. Just about everything is going transparent in 2018, from the wedding venues to tablescapes with glass and beyond. Even some paper used for weddings is partially transparent.

The bottom line is see-through is in, in 2018. People are looking for sources of light, brightness and clarity. From Perspex hanging seats to full widows and beyond, there is no doubt this year’s weddings are all about transparency.


Pearls are back in a big way in 2018. This wedding accessory can be featured on everything from rings to headpieces, earrings, dresses etc. If you are looking for a way to add some visual pizzazz to your wedding but are not into sparkle, opt for pearl accessories and decorations.

Blonde Tables are In

Blonde-colored tables are all the rage. Natural wood with a light hue combined with steel hairpin style legs makes quite the impression. Make sure your tables are long enough and you will be able to fit all of your guests without a problem.

Paired with the previously mentioned transparent wedding decorations, blonde tables leave even the smallest rooms looking airy and bright.

Wedding Decoration in 2018: It is all About Wreaths and Archways

Wreaths are no longer just for Christmas. Wreaths have become popular wedding decorations regardless of the season. Wedding wreaths and large archways can be made with all sorts of lovely pieces from grasses to flowers, eucalyptus and beyond. Have several wreaths or archways customized for your wedding and they will give it quite the unique look and feel.

Rosy Walkways are On-trend in 2018

More florals! Historically, rose petals are commonly featured at weddings. However, rosy walkways have never been more popular than in 2018. Feature rose petals throughout your wedding venue and everyone will have something gorgeous (and lovely-smelling) to enjoy during the big day.

A Rustic Walking Path

Organic, rustic weddings are chic. Though it might seem a bit odd to walk across a rustic, all-natural path to reach the altar or other portions of the ceremony, it just might prove quite fulfilling. The rustic themes involves the use of vintage and country ideas to make the reception and ceremony feel more natural and comfortable.

Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Wedding

The brides, grooms and wedding experts have spoken. The wedding color of the year for 2018 is PANTONE 18-3838 UltraViolet. This shade of purple is downright gorgeous. The hue of 2018 communicates sincerity and originality.

This ultraviolet hue is a highly emotional color with considerable depth, making it perfect for weddings. Some consider this version of purple to represent forward thinking so it jives nicely with wedding celebrations. Incorporate this color throughout your wedding decorations and it will prove visually pleasing for all attendees.

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