Who doesn’t love a great party? That’s an easy question to ask since the answer is patently obvious. Everyone loves a great party! A tougher question–and a more pressing one when you’re the person in charge of organizing upcoming festivities–is what exactly makes a great party in the first place? What are the bedrock elements needed to create a memorable event, to host a delightful celebration that will live on in the hearts and minds of the participants long after the last sparkler has fizzled, the final balloon has been popped, and all the musicians have put away their instruments? For events in Cabo San Lucas and elsewhere, the answer is so simple as to be elementary: you need a spark of creativity and at least a dash of originality.

Event Design in Cabo San Lucas

Creativity and originality are very similar concepts, after all. In fact, any original act–something that’s never been done in quite such a manner before–necessarily requires creativity. But it is possible to be creative without being completely original, and no, you don’t have to be an innovator or inventor–a Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison–to throw a fabulous party. Sometimes all that’s needed is to shake up a tried and true formula…to add some fresh ingredients to a time-tested recipe.

But to get past the brainstorming stage we need to add a third word ending in –it to the conversation: versatility. Because it does little good to dream up a creative event that will wow your guests without a versatile design and décor company on hand capable of bringing your inspired vision to life.

Enter Cabo Linens, Things & More. We’re the premier event design and décor firm in Los Cabos, best known for our unerring ability to take virtually any idea or theme and make it come alive…vividly, vibrantly alive. This impressive feat of event alchemy–i.e. the process of turning creative ideas into fantastical reality–is only possible a) because of our creative and talented staff, and b) because of our incredibly versatile inventory of event focused furnishings and accessories.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with “elsewhere”.

But events in Cabo San Lucas and the greater Los Cabos area? We’re here to help, and our creativity and versatility are yours to command.

Tropical Luxury

Destination weddings are simultaneously the most and least common events in Cabo San Lucas. Most common because they’re always popular. Least common in their sense of style, since the best weddings showcase both exquisite detail-oriented décor and spectacular ocean-view venues.

But weddings aren’t the only events at which you can unveil silver and crystal place settings, luxuriant floral arrangements and a splendidly appointed ballroom atmosphere for after-dinner drinks and dancing. Destination dinner parties also provide a suitably special occasion for upscale design and décor, as do once-a-year celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries.

At CLTM, we love starting from scratch with sketches or three-dimensional floorplans of your chosen venue, then slowly building out layered, luxurious décor from our extensive inventory of designer furnishings and colorful accessories and accents.

Cabo Beach Party

Play word association with Cabo and the first thing that comes to mind, typically, is beautiful beaches. Baja California Sur has more coastal area than any state in México (2131 kilometers, to be exact), and a shocking percentage of it is found in Los Cabos. Golden sand playgrounds–some lined with luxury resorts and restaurants, others sheltered and secluded–stretch majestically around Baja’s southernmost rim, offering myriad opportunities for “events in Cabo San Lucas.”

Barefoot nuptials are a memorable way to take advantage of Los Cabos’ abundance of picturesque playas–Lover’s Beach, anyone?–but so too are clambakes, barbecues, bonfire sing-alongs, reggae parties, Margaritaville-themed birthday bashes…just about any other outdoor affair that strikes your fancy. Mother Nature has thoughtfully provided the palm trees and crashing waves. and CLTM can take care of the rest of the design elements, from dinner tables and place settings to lighting and lounge-style seating.

Baja Rustic & Boho Chic

Regional architectural elements like palapas and palo de arco pergolas lend themselves to a certain sort of rustic charm and casual elegance. Think handmade wooden tables and chairs rather than gold accented dinner settings, lanterns and hand-picked local flowers rather than color coordinated lighting and lush floral arrangements. Baja rustic is a great design option for those whose idea of “events in Cabo San Lucas” is good-time get-togethers in congenial and picturesque surroundings. It’s a design style that honors local customs and culture, and is perfect for all manner of celebrations, from garden parties and country weddings to picnics and corporate retreats.

If Baja rustic is a bit laid-back, so too is boho chic, albeit with more fashionable furnishings. There is a refined aesthetic sense to boho chic, but one that carefully avoids coming across as “studied” or “deliberate.” It’s casually hip, effortlessly trendy, and looks absolutely perfect for cocktail parties, receptions, and other informal but upscale events.

Mexican Fiesta

Traditional Mexican fiestas are another always in-demand event theme, and for very good reason. When in México, why not party like a local? Mexicans certainly know how to have a good time. This is the country, after all, that invented tequila and mariachis.

México is also known, of course, for its rich tradition of arts and crafts, from handmade furnishings, linens and blankets to distinctive decorations like pottery, piñatas and papel picado (paper cutouts with event-appropriate designs that are strung in colorful rows above designated party sites).

CLTM is adept at turning any type of Cabo San Lucas events–weddings, birthday parties, group outings, corporate get-togethers–into fully realized fiestas. Integrating some of these “only in México” elements into the design mix is part of the process, but something more is needed to upgrade a fiesta from “fun” to “utterly unforgettable.

The secret lies in the not so obvious details:  the splendidly costumed mariachi band; the midnight fireworks show over the Sea of Cortés; the sommelier, tequila and traditional Mexican cigar roller; the horse drawn carriages.

That’s the art of throwing a true Mexican fiesta, but it might as well apply to all events in Cabo San Lucas. If you’re not reaching for one-of-a-kind accents and once-in-a-lifetime moments, then something essential is definitely missing…probably the creative and ever-versatile design and décor skills of Cabo Linens, Things & More.

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