The Look of Love – Event Design and Décor Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

There are several clichéd gifts, like flowers and chocolates, that are indelibly associated with Valentine’s Day. More imaginative types might make their own gifts, while others   stay with the tried and true approach of jewelry. All work as expressions of love and affection, but to truly impress your significant other this year, why not try a destination approach? Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos, for instance.

The Look of Love – Event Design and Décor Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

Cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo each have plenty to offer in terms of romance, from year-round sunshine and gorgeous beaches to luxurious resorts and pampering amenities (think spa treatments for two). Romantic activities are also much in evidence: picnics on Lover’s Beach, horseback rides along secluded trails with spectacular ocean views, dinner cruises with tango dancing performances, and so on.

The biggest and best way to take advantage of the region’s romantic attributes, however, is with special events. Los Cabos has long been one of the world’s most popular locations for destination weddings, and certainly many more will take place on Valentine’s Day this year. But there are other possibilities still untapped. 

With that in mind, here are three of our favorite design and décor ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos in 2020.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos
Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

Beachfront Romance – Event Design for Valentine’s Day Proposals and Engagement Celebrations


Before thoughts turn to weddings, first there must be a proposal and possibly even an engagement celebration party.

Cabo San Lucas is perfect for both. Playa El Médano reigns as the center of the local beach scene and this two-mile stretch of gorgeous golden sand offers abundant opportunities for creative al fresco event design.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos
Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

Dinners for two at a table in the sand, with gently lapping waves cresting upon the shore, will put any one in the mood for a proposal. Our favorite look for such occasions is a rustic wooden table on an improvised pedestal with pillow seating, lanterns for romantic mood lighting, a centerpiece of driftwood sculpture and local wildflowers, and of course polished silver, woven wicker chargers and linen napkins for the feast to follow.

More trendy or elegant designs may be called for if you decide to celebrate your new engagement with family and friends, although the beachfront setting remains highly recommended. Add tables arranged around a dance floor under a canopy of stars and artfully strung lights to your Sea of Cortés backdrop, with white-cushioned chiavari chairs and white linen topped tables as a canvas upon which to build your tablescape.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

Love Shared – Romantic Design for Valentine’s Day Dinner Parties

It’s not uncommon for couples to travel together, a pairing of both love and friendship that can pay dividends when it comes to discounts on accommodations. In fact, one of the most underrated and under-used upgrades for four or more people is the one from luxury resort to luxury rental villa. For similar rates, couples can each have their own ocean view suites while sharing upscale amenities like infinity pools, home theaters, fitness centers, and much, much more.


When it comes to Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos, rental luxury villas also offer the opportunity for romantic sunset dinner parties with jaw-dropping Pacific Ocean views. During the month of February, couples may even sight transiting whales and leaping dolphins as they sip wine and watch the sun sink beneath the horizon amid an eruption of vibrant colors.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

For event design purposes, one of the characteristics most commonly shared by luxury villas in Pedregal–Cabo San Lucas’ most exclusive address–is an expansive terrace perfect for sit-down dinners. Décor and tablescapes can represent a variety of design styles, from timeless elegance to bohemian chic, but the accent almost everyone agrees on is flower arrangements featuring bouquets of roses (red or otherwise). Violinists and fireworks displays are optional.

Love, Mexican Style – Regionally Influenced Design for Valentine’s Day Weddings and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

If you’ve decided on a wedding or renewal of vows ceremony for “Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos”, why not take advantage of the destination to its fullest? That means ocean view settings, of course, but also event design that integrates representative samplings of local color, as well as traditional Mexican arts, crafts and culture.

An altar built in the sand with an ocean view backdrop is almost mandatory for ceremonies, but for receptions the regionally influenced design accents and architectural motifs are decidedly more varied.

Signage is one of our favorite ways to help carry through a design aesthetic. For Los Cabos Valentine’s Day receptions, silhouetted papeles picados with heart or flower shaped cut-outs are excellent thematic cues, as is the tabletop chalkboard food sign with hand-drawn images of this iconic Mexican folk art. Wooden signs, too, can be creatively used; for instance, to herald the presence of stations for traditional Mexican favorites like tequila or cigars.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

Signature Baja California Sur architectural elements like palapa roofs, and palo de arco pergolas and walls serve dual duty as both thematic devices and space dividers, and help to capture the spirit of the muy distintivo regional design style.

For tablescapes, the use of cactus centerpieces and patterned romantic accents–from heart-themed table runners to color-matched place settings–mark the design as creative yet unmistakably Mexican.

We think it’s an eye-catching way to fuse the passion of Valentine’s Day with the more formal polish of a traditionally destination wedding. Ultimately, however, it is only one of many approaches. Each event design is as unique as a single snowflake, and only really comes alive when it reflects the personality and aesthetic sensibilities of those for whom the celebration is intended.

Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

At Cabo Linens, Things & More, we love working with people to realize their own vision of the perfect engagement, dinner party, wedding or other celebration; and if it’s for Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos, so much the better! We’ll act as partner and ally during the entirety of the process, from the initial one-on-one consultation to the creation of digital design models to the event itself. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 to get started, or in México at (624)-124 -2668.


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