Styling Your Event - Creating Your Own Trend

Trends and fashion change everyday. What happens when you are not sure if a new trend is for you?

When you need help to find your own path, we at Cabo Linens Things & More are here to help you.

We all know what a traditional celebration is all about, – the invitations, guests, a cake, some food and drinks, good music… – it all depends on the taste and style of the person in charge, but we pretty much have the big picture. When planning any celebration, we can’t ignore the fact that these events are usually influenced by what it’s considered in style or fashionable at the time, what the trend sets for all of us, and we try to adapt and include ourselves in these trends with our own style. But what happens when being trendy becomes kind of boring?

Styling Your Event - Creating Your Own Trend

Can someone be “too trendy”?

Is being trendy a bad thing?

Perhaps the idea of being in trend and thinking that everyone else is doing trendy things too makes everything kind of unspecial, there is always a way out of there. Which way? Cabo Linens Things & More way with styled celebrations to be remembered for a long time, mixing the magic of Cabo, the experience and knowledge we want to share with you and most important of all, your point of view and your visualization of the whole event. This way we can guarantee that your celebration will be still trendy but like no other experience anybody has had before.

At Cabo Linens Things & More we are well-known for being the premier Design and Event Décor production company in Los Cabos, providing a wide range and variety of services for Special Events. We design and style your celebration with your original visualization as the starting point putting it through inspiration images, color palettes, sketches, digital designs and many different tools that help us get closer to what you want as an outcome for your special occasion. In this process we make sure to mix your point of view with all of our tools and our know-how to create something unique in every way. We make sure that our work all along with your ideas, keeps fresh and versatile, after all if there is no one else like yourself, there will be no celebration like yours either.

Styling Your Event - Creating Your Own Trend

Trends keep changing constantly, what is fashionable or not can be different from one day to another. At Cabo Linens, Things & More we want to set our own ground rules when it comes to styling your celebration and together define what is trendy or not;  we consider your vision, expectations and the vibe you want to share with your guests. After all it is your event and the main goal is for everybody to have an amazing and unforgettable time.

By getting in contact with you for the first time – on a complimentary phone consultation – we are able to get to know each other and be the perfect match. We love details, we want to know all about your type of event, style, ideas, desires and expectations. Let’s do a dinner party, an engagement, a bachelorette,  a rehearsal, a wedding, birthdays, an elopement, a vow renewal… let’s do it all!

Styling Your Event - Creating Your Own Trend

Let’s include elements like photo backdrops for memories, flower arrangements, a designer cake, tablescape, special lightning and all kinds of elements to make your celebration stand out. Our commitment with you is to style that celebration creating something really special with one of a kind style.

Styling Your Event - Creating Your Own Trend

If you are someone to do everything in your own special way or, on the contrary, you like to go with every trend, either way you have come to the right place, at Cabo Linens, Things & More we will make it unique and extraordinary.

It’s just a matter of making up your mind about having a great celebration and the best vacation all at once, so… let us know by phone; from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in México at (624)-124 -2668; through our website at or in our social media. We can not wait to start styling your next event!

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