The combination of the two most popular colors for wedding this year, off white and with accents of eggplant. The off white shantung is the perfect base color for wedding linens, it is soft but still more elegant than a white plain polyester tablecloth! The eggplant color itself combines very nicely with the off white of course but also with a Sand Color as you may have seen in one of our previous post. And remember an accent of color can be with runners, napkins, bride and groom table or cake table.

Linens, Things and More… along with Cabo Floral Studio for the flowers and FestaFina for the furnitures created below this off-white and eggplant combination! It looked fabulous! Thank you Alec & T – Photography and Video for capturing it so nicely!

Sheraton Cabo palapa wedding set-up 2  Sheraton Los Cabos palapa wedding decor and linens

Special event and wedding flowers at Sheraton Los Cabos  High end wedding decor at Sheraton Los Cabos

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