November 2011 was a busy wedding month for weddings in Cabo with so many different styles and vision.

And what we also enjoyed a lot was the variety of wedding locations and one of our favorites are the in-villas set-up. The wedding below was hosted at Villa de Los Suenos in the Pedregal of Cabo San Lucas. We worked along with Jennifer from Denni’s Catering on that wedding decor and we had a lot of fun. The flowers, ceremony decor and centerpieces were designed by Rene at  Cabo Floral Studio and they did an amazing work.

This set-up was a little different from our latest designs as we did not do any tablecloth, but we did another favorite of ours: runners. Perfect for a natural chic style on a wood table! Modern and old style at the same time….

High end runner design for cabo wedding decor  Garden style wedding set-up brown and silver Cabo

Elegant wedding decor in Cabo  Unique wedding decor garden style private villa Cabo

Wedding Cake table design Villa De Los Suenos Pedregal  Ceremony wedding flower design by Cabo Floral Studio

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