Illuminating Your Cabo Event - With Style

2021 looks as bright as the sunshine in Cabo, we want to put in your radar our destination for your upcoming plans; call it a birthday, an elopement or a fun weekend off, in Cabo you will find paradise and with us the perfect styling.

It is well known that the selected Pantone of the year influences directly and very strongly in the decision making when it comes to fashion, interior, industrial and graphic design as well as in the development and purchase of specific products. When it comes to weddings and events styling, design and decor we find ourselves merged in one way or another in each one of these industries, after all we are designing for you a lifetime event so we can bet you are interested in what’s going on around you regarding trends and how to be part of it and take advantage of it too. We are ready to get your point of view and give you the best styling illuminating you with the pantone of the year.

When designing and styling an event, you might not be totally aware of it but you will find yourself making decisions regarding an unconscious part of yourself; for example thinking about your favorite colour which comes directly from childhood experiences and your personality, also your mood at the moment and the common point in between you and your significant other, after all it is a conjoined decision making.

The same happens when picking a color palette for your event; using a predominant yellow might result in a warming and dynamic experience contrasting to a white wedding with yellow details only might seem more traditional. If you feel that yellow might be a little “too much” for your event, there will always be combinations and proportions that will play in our favor, getting into the atmosphere you are looking for.

For 2021 we have a very special combination in between “Illuminating” -a bright lemon skin yellow as the primary color in trend- and an “Ultimate Gray” as a secondary one; two independent colors that together will give you a bright and cheerful vivacity related to the sunshine warm and solar power with a solid and firm foundation relating directly to the beach and natural elements.

Matching with other shades of the same colors for a soothing environment or with contrasting ones to create the drama and emotion you are looking for in your special celebration. Get as creative as you want by adding some colorful complimentary tones to your Beach Cabo Wedding, a pint of black to make it elegant, classy and sophisticated or maybe a couple of primary and secondary colors to make it as colorful as it gets! It is your call and we are here to guide you and make it happen.

We also need to consider textures, materials and extra elements that will go under this color palette. It might seem a lot to consider but once we are in the styling process of your event together we will go through all of this very smoothly.

Every time we create an event from scratch is just as exciting as challenging and we love that. As we have said before, it is like an unknown journey, an adventure about to start where we will get to know each other and together discover the emotions, feelings, intention, mood of your event; how not to get excited? Everything about how your event is going to look and how it will make you and your guests feel.

Feelings that start to show at the site inspection process when choosing the venue and once you have the perfect one, going through the correct use of space while designing your event. Selecting from different decorative and styling elements, shapes, forms, materials and all possible colors, making your event a success according to your very own style.

As the styling process evolves it is mandatory to get into details like signage and stationary design, greenery and flowers, linens; all of them are influenced by the color palette in a meaningful and psychological way through emotions and specific natural color connotations.

Every color on your color palette takes an important role, whether you are playing with shades of yellow and just a touch of gray or including complimentary colors to it. We need to be aware of the proportions of each color in the complete design, this meaning which color will be predominant and which one will go only for details, there might be a beautiful color to go well with the bridesmaid’s dresses and another one matching your favourite flowers. It is a mix and match to get you to the perfect wedding mood.

Illuminating your beach wedding experience.

Among some other things, Cabo is well known for its gold sanded beaches and sunny weather – almost- all year long, so 2021 Pantone fits us like a glove. Everything about being an exclusive worldwide destination with unique views and venues reflected through the illuminating palette of your event. All this energy and warmth runs through the place feeling the joy and happiness at all moments.

To make contrast to this energetic situation comes the gray – or silver, metallic, platinum… your choice- and the intention is to add neutrality and balance; the exact pint of formality and seriousness that your event requires. Could this make any more sense for an outdoors Beach Cabo Wedding?

Let’s play with proportions, hues, materials, textures and together we will style anything you could be visualizing. You will find ourselves adding a subtle touch of our own into your original visualization realizing that together we have styled something incredible!

Here comes the sun for 2021, a 100% angst-free tone illuminating our path to a great year full of celebrations, good vibes, energy, clarity, hope… everything to have the best year, the best wedding, the best birthday, the best experience in Cabo! Don’t forget to check our social media for more ideas and inspiration. Get in contact with us today and we will go through every detail, calling us from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668. See you next time!

Don’t forget to check our social media for more inspiration, we have prepared a special Pinterest Board with the best ideas for your 2021 event! Get in contact with us today and we will go through every detail, calling us from the U.S. or Canada at (310)-855-3939 or in Mexico at (624)-124-2668. See you next time! 

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