As destination wedding professionals with years of experience, we have worked with many florists in the Los Cabos area. And after traveling all around the world in our professional careers, we can promise you the talented florists and designers in Los Cabos easily rival those of any major city worldwide!

Pink flowers in Cabo

Our local floral designers are experts with plenty of experience working with imported flowers in what are often warm, breezy outdoor weather conditions. As you plan your destination wedding in Los Cabos, you must remember no flowers grow here, so they must all be imported from Mexico City or even from other countries. The farther the flower must be imported, the more expensive it becomes—so even flowers like hydrangeas that may be very affordable in other parts of the world can become pricey in Los Cabos.

Blue and white flowers in Cabo

The florists we work with will generally be able to get the flowers you have in mind—some will simply come at a less budget-friendly cost. When we recommend a floral designer for you, we always choose a professional with the same level of quality and work ethic we ourselves provide in order to offer you the best quality of flowers for your décor. If you are budget-conscious and need to keep the costs down, then we will recommend a combination of candles, branches and mirrors as an alternative to using lots of fresh flowers. Depending on which of these elements combines with your décor style, we can still create an elegant look at a more affordable price.

Wedding flowers in Cabo

Also, please keep in mind it is sometimes better to use fewer of a high quality flower than to use a lot of low quality flowers just because they come at a lower cost. A flower of poor quality will often not stand up to the heat and will faint or wilt after just a few hours. You want your flowers looking great from the time you take your getting-ready photos to the end of the reception!

Fuchsia and pink flowers in Cabo

The only way for a florist to really cut costs (other than using fewer flowers) is to use poorer quality flowers. We are definitely opposed to this method of saving money, as it can ruin the beautiful linens and décor you have worked months or years to plan and design with us. You definitely should match your flawless décor with the best flowers possible!

Aisle flowers in Cabo

We have a few tips for brides who are looking for a great florist in Los Cabos:

  1. Ask them to send you photos of work they have actually done in Cabo, not just Pinterest photos, so you can see for yourself the quality of the flowers and design.
  2. Find out from your potential floral vendors which flowers are easiest to get during the time of year when your wedding will take place. If they answer that any flower you want is readily available, you should probably see this as a red flag—not all flowers are available year-round.
  3. Be sure to ask about the average size of their bouquets and about how large the bouquet you have in mind would be.
  4. Finally, we always recommend you ask for a list of the flowers that will be used in your floral arrangements, along with the exact colors of all the flowers. A color listing with a color palette for reference would be ideal, since there are many shades of each color. This way you can ensure they will only use flowers you like in colors that combine with your wedding décor and overall style.

White rose bouquet in Cabo

Our team of designers always uses the advice above when we create a flower design. We also send you full flower visions with the florist to make sure we end up with the exact look you are going for. We work very closely with the florists when designing your décor, since it is imperative for the linens, napkins, accessories, etc. to tie in with the colors of the vases and flowers. If you have any questions or concerns about floral design in Los Cabos, please don’t hesitate to ask for our help!

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