Linens, Things and More… is not a rental company. We design and set-up events making sure every details even the smallest are being taken care of.

We have very high standards when we select the rental companies for your wedding…  You expect everything to be perfect! So do we!

We pride ourselves in offering top of the line fabrics for our linens as for example we will use cotton for our napkins and not polyester. For the table clothes, the runners and all the accent tables as cake table, cocktail tables, entrance table, we use fabrics not too shiny so we usually stay away from the satin and we will prefer using shantung, dull satin, sequins, chiffon etc… And the linens will be produced here in Los Cabos under our supervision to make sure they are exactly like you wanted them to look like.

On the day of the event our staff always makes sure the furnitures and accessories are in perfect shape and we always clean them when they come out of the trucks.

To make it even more perfect, our linens are ironed the event location as they always get some wrinkles while traveling from one place to other.

The behind the scene of our latest wedding set-up at Sunset Da MonaLisa:

Linens, Things and more set-up process  Cleaning rental chair Cabo for high end set-up

Our decor specialists on set-up at Sunset Da MonaLisa  Sunset Da MonaLisa high end wedding decor

Many Thanks to Gaby from Baja Weddings for her professionalism and her great spirit! It is always such a pleasure to team up on wedding decor together!

Sunset Da MonaLisa off white and gold wedding decor    Custom gold napkins at Sunset DaMonaLisa Cabo

Cocktail table linens in Cabo San Lucas   Sequins gold wedding chair cover Cabo

Wedding reception decor at Sunset Da MonaLisa Cabo  Sunset Da MonaLisa high end table clothes

High end bride and groom table decor  Cabo gold Tiffany chair and off white chiffon tie

Flower by Florenta Flower Design.
For more information regarding our linens collections for any special event please contact us at:

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