A Perfect Elegance – Designing Your Dream Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

It’s the biggest day of your life, Every child grows up with an idea, a fantasy vision of what this dream day will look like, from the dramatic walk down the aisle to the sharing of vows…from dinner, drinks and dancing to the cutting of the multi-tiered cake. Everyone has at least a broad vision of their dream wedding. The tricky part is translating this dream vision into a dream reality. How does one design, for instance, their dream wedding in Cabo San Lucas?

The answer to that question is not nearly so daunting or formidable as one might imagine. There is an established protocol, a series of steps which must be taken, each of which builds upon the progress made during the previous step.

The final steps, of course, are the ones down the aisle.

Here, we’ll show you….


The first step in designing a dream wedding in Cabo is to tighten focus. When you close your eyes and imagine your perfect day, what do you see? What does the setting look like? The design? The lighting? When these fragmented images begin to crystallize into a comprehensive vision, then you’re ready for the next step: calling Cabo Linens, Things & More.

Cabo Linens, Things & More is a design and décor firm that specializes in transforming the dreams and visions of couples into an exquisitely realized reality: starting from scratch with sketches and three dimensional floor plans of the chosen venue, then slowly integrating color and design elements until every detail of the dream wedding comes magically to life.


Today’s spotlighted design was created for a wedding at the ultra-luxury Resort at Pedregal, one of four Los Cabos based hotels and resorts currently rated among the 100 best in the world. Set on a prime 24-acre parcel in Cabo San Lucas’ most exclusive neighborhood, the wealthy hillside enclave of Pedregal, The Resort offers boutique comforts and breathtaking Pacific Ocean vantages, not to mention some unique “only in Cabo” amenities. The property is only accessible, for example, through the longest privately owned tunnel in México, a spectacular chandelier lighted passage that winds through ancient granite.

Color Scheme

There are no concessions or compromises when it comes to the perfect wedding. This happy couple not only chose a five-star resort to host their wedding and reception, they also chose the most traditionally elegant and luxurious color scheme: white and gold. But since this is not normally the dominant color motif at The Resort at Pedregal, one of the first orders of business was to remake and reimagine the resort itself, to redesign it for the purposes of this dream wedding in Cabo San Lucas.


It never snows in Cabo San Lucas, but guests at this gloriously appointed wedding could be forgiven for thinking that a light bed of powder had blanketed the area. Not only were tables, chairs, sofas and other furnishings a bright, beautiful shade of white, so too were the curtain dividers and aisle runners. Even the altar was garlanded with white flowers.  So thoroughly thought out were the arrangements, in fact, that 17 columns at The Resort were swathed in white to camouflage their natural color.

Glittering gold, meanwhile, served as the ultimate upscale accent. Golden throw pillows adorned the lounge sofas. At the ceremony, white cushions rested on golden chairs. Even the wedding cake was a study in white and gold, with white icing etched with gold leaf patterns.

Place Settings

Nowhere was this elegant color scheme used to more magnificent advantage than at intricately laid dinner tables, each a rich tapestry of white and gold. White linens draped white tables surrounded by plush white chairs. White flowers spilled out of cut glass vases, white candles stood tall above white candlesticks. For contrast, golden flames leapt from the wicks of gold covered votives; gold-plated knives, forks and spoons framed gilt-edged chargers; golden rings banded white napkins, and glassware featured a gold rim around the top edge, an angel’s halo protecting wine and water. Beneath each charger, white and gold lived together in the form of circular menu cards, with golden script on white paper.


During the ceremony, sunlight glinted off golden accents, glittered offshore on azure Pacific waters, and gleamed against the inland sea of white, from the bride’s enchanting dress, with its long trailing train, to the groom’s white boutonnière and a waiting altar of freshly cut flowers. After dark, amber lights bathed the beach adjacent setting in a golden glow.


Just as The Resort’s brown columns were covered in white for the special day, so too were its signs replaced to conform to this Cabo dream wedding’s overarching color scheme. At The Resort’s scenic Champagne Terrace, for example, normal black-on-white signage was replaced with specially made gold-on-white banners, each showcasing mood poems like “Love is Intoxication” and “Welcome to Our Beginning.” Menu and name cards also featured gold calligraphy against a white backdrop, as did the invitations and wedding sign in book. Even the gold-framed table number signs stayed consistent to the theme.


Have you ever seen a mariachi clad in a snow white charro suit playing a golden harp? It’s like a heavenly apparition, but such details–signature touches that go well beyond the standard elements of design and décor–are ultimately what elevate a first-class wedding to the status of unforgettable event…a celebration of love overlaid with the surreal quality of a beautiful dream.

Did we mention the fireworks show? No need to, really. It wouldn’t be a dream wedding in Cabo without one.


Venue: The Resort At Pedregal

Table scape, décor, design: Cabo Linens Things and More

Photographer: Sara Richardson

Videographer: Cinematic Touch by Angel Zapien

Flowers: Cabo Floral Studio

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