Different Mirrors and signs for your Beach Wedding in Cabo

When most people think about wedding décor, they picture table runners, candles, aisle decorations, and centerpieces. But did you know signage is also an important décor element of every wedding?

Wedding signage can include seating charts, directions to the ceremony and reception, shoe stations (for a beach wedding), chair signs (for the bride and groom), and even those trendy little “Here Comes the Bride” signs carried down the aisle by the little flower girls and ring bearers!

We have paired four types of signage with the perfect lettering by our design team so you can see how important it is to select a font and lettering style that matches the overall theme of your Cabo wedding!

Here you have some ideas that you could use in your Wedding !

  1. Personalized Signs: Some couples have a hashtag and they want to share it on their social media accounts, why don’t use a special frame to take it pictures and share it? This is an excellent idea to have fun with your guests and do something different! And We have the personalized signs, made it by hand! It could be a perfect way to decorate the main entrance of your villa wedding!

Beach Wedding in Cabo

2. Different Frames: This is a supper cute idea, you could have some frames in the entrance table, to welcome your guest to sign your guestbook, to take it pictures, or some special phrases.

Beach Wedding in CaboBeach Wedding in Cabo

3. Wooden Menus Signs: Some creative menus to introduce them to your guest! Signature drinks, interactive dinner stations why not?

And some of the special dates to place them in the reception dinner! All these ideas are written by hand, we can personalize your own menu!

Beach Wedding in Cabo

4. Mirror Signs: One of the most important things in your wedding is that your guests feel confortable, thats why we recommend to you a Seating Chart Sign, this will help to guide them to their tables! Your wedding will be so organized ! And We have some medium and small mirrors that could work as a Welcome Sign or a Sign for the Ceremony.

Beach Wedding in Cabo

Beach Wedding in Cabo


5. Chalkboard Signs: This is a super popular idea, making your wedding very good looking!  We can write wherever you want in this chalkboards, with a beautiful calligraphy by hand!

Beach Wedding in Cabo

6. Wooden Seating Charts: Here you have some artistic ways to guide your guest to their tables! Brown doors with all the guest names from A to Z to find their tables. Also you can use it our vintage frame with some printed cards, or to make it more fun we have white doors with maracas !

Beach Wedding in Cabo

7. Welcome Wooden Signs:  A fresh and different way to welcome your guest to your Wedding Ceremony or Reception Dinner, we could decorate with lanterns or some greenery or with your floral inspiration!

Beach Wedding in Cabo

We do not buy pre-made signs and expect them to fit everyone’s unique individual taste—instead we cut the wood, paint the lettering and designs by hand, and even build the frames for your chalkboard or mirrored signs!

Our décor design team includes a graphic design artist who carefully hand-letters the whimsical calligraphy, modern bold font or simple printed lettering of your dreams! As you can see, our personalized wedding signage is always a perfect pairing with your rustic, modern or vintage Cabo wedding!

Contact our team today at (619) 819-9180 to learn how we can design the perfect custom lettering for your destination wedding!

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