Christmas in Paradise – Celebrating the Holidays in Cabo San Lucas

There won’t be a white Christmas in Cabo San Lucas, this year or any other, unless of course you’re thinking of the gleaming white hulls of the Land’s End city’s pleasure yachts, or the fine powdery sand on some of its most beautiful beaches. But since when has anyone needed snow to have a Merry Christmas? The point of the holiday isn’t cold weather, but rather enjoying seasonal cheer with family and friends, from intimate family dinners to the giving of gifts. Why dash through the snow when you don’t have to, especially if the most important aspects of the holiday season are ones that can just as easily be enjoyed in a more temperate clime? It’s no coincidence, after all, that the busiest travel week of the year to sunny Los Cabos is the one between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Spending the holidays in Cabo makes everyone a little happier, including Santa Claus, who gets to trade out his winter wardrobe for beach togs and sunglasses.  

Getting in the Christmas in Cabo Spirit

The one can’t miss Christmas event is the family dinner, an occasion far too important to pass among strangers in some nondescript resort based restaurant. This one is for family and friends only, and demands to have all the traditional trappings. That means a Christmas tree strung with glittery tinsel and hung with hand-painted ornaments, with bow wrapped presents underneath, and a table set with all your favorite drinks and dishes.

You’ll want to have the proper ambiance, that is to say, which means that in addition to a full-decked out Christmas tree you’ll also need linens and lighting, flowers and candlesticks, silverware and fine crystal…all the seasonal design accents for your home away from home.

In other words, you’ll need Cabo Linens, Things & More. CLTM is the premier event design and décor firm in Los Cabos, best known for our talented team of designers, but also acclaimed for our large inventory of event focused furnishings and accessories. We’ll help you set the table (and the chairs) for your Christmas dinner, starting from an initial one-on-one consultation to help tease out your vision for event, before progressing to digital models and three-dimensional floorplans, and finally making the whole holiday experience come to life in seasonally spectacular, Cabo appropriate fashion. 

What Christmas Looks Like in Cabo San Lucas

What constitutes Cabo appropriate, or the Cabo style? What do the holidays in Cabo really look like? A more practical question might be: what do you want them to look like?

Christmas dinner in Chicago or New York is, of necessity, an indoor affair. There are no options when it’s freezing outside. There are plenty of options, on the other hand, in Cabo San Lucas, where the sun shines 350 days a year on average, and December temperatures are typically in the 75 to 85 Fahrenheit range, before dipping slightly after dark.

It’s definitely possible to have a family dinner on the beach, or at least beach adjacent…say on the patio terrace of a rental luxury villa–luxurious but not at all lavishly priced by U.S. or Canadian standards–or poolside at a resort suite or coastal condo.

Certainly, Cabo’s magnificently picturesque vistas suggest an al fresco setting, or at least a room with a view, in order to take advantage of eye-catching natural features like pristine beaches, cactus-studded desert, rugged mountains, and the dramatic confluence of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. But indoor affairs also have their advantages, most notably in terms of control over lighting; rather than direct sunlight, rooms can be given a seasonal makeover via candles and indirect color-shaded spotlights.

Setting the Holiday Table

There’s little debate when it comes to Christmas color palettes. Red and green are the traditional favorites, a pairing that finds its perfect expression in the poinsettia wreath. Poinsettias and mistletoe are popular choices as décor accents and table-top flower arrangements, along with candles in silver candlesticks holders, salt and pepper shakers shaped like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman, and small beautifully arranged nativity scenes. But there are many more ways to bring seasonal cheer to the holiday table, from color patterned linens and napkins to Christmas themed serving platters and glassware.

More important, however, is what’s on the serving platters. Ham and sides like corn and mashed potatoes and gravy are popular in the U.S., while in Mexico traditional Christmas dishes include bacalao (salted cod) and romeritos (sprigs of a wild indigenous plant served with shrimp patties and potatoes in a mole sauce), along with drinks such as rompope (rum spiked eggnog), champurrado (a hot chocolate style drink flavored with cinnamon) and ponche navideño (a Christmas punch whose ingredients include a delicious indigenous fruit called the tejocote). Beer lovers may also want to sample the seasonal bock-style brew called Noche Buena (nochebuena is Spanish for poinsettia, and the capitalized version, Nochebuena, is the name for Christmas Eve).

We’d recommend trying a mix of U.S. and Mexican specialties for your holidays in Cabo, but the menu is always clients’ choice. Cabo Linens, Things & More doesn’t cook, but we have years of experience working with all the best catering companies in Los Cabos, and take great pride in working with chefs to ensure food presentation is perfectly integrated into the overall design aesthetic.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Christmas dinner can very easily become dinners, plural, as your vacation “holidays in Cabo” continue on into the New Year. Speaking of which, New Year’s Eve parties are another specialty of Cabo Linens, Things & More. Not only can we provide the festive event design and décor, and work with catering chefs to align menu and food presentation, we can also organize a wide array of lively entertainments, from mariachi bands and fire dancers to fireworks spectaculars (if your chosen location is not within view of the large city-organized fireworks display, which takes place at midnight over Médano Beach).

And if New Year’s Eve revels don’t slow you down, congratulations…you’ve completely adapted to the Mexican lifestyle, and can now prepare for the next seasonal holiday: El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos, the Spanish language equivalent of the Catholic feast day of Epiphany (or Three Kings Day). It’s celebrated on January 6, and features another round of presents for children to open. There’s even a special bread to commemorate the day, and tradition holds that whoever finds the hidden figure of baby Jesus has to throw a tamales party on Candlemas in early February.

The dinners, like the festive season itself, never really end. That’s the beauty of spending the holidays in Cabo San Lucas.

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