The Perfect Marriage – Matching Design and Décor to Create Unforgettable Cabo San Lucas Destination Weddings

Just as the wedding process originates with a proposal, so too does wedding design. The former may begin on bended knee, the latter with an imaginative vision of what the ideal wedding ceremony and reception should look like; but both at heart are a celebration of love expressed through harmony. From two individuals, a unified couple emerges. Out of two elements, design and décor, a unified aesthetic coalesces. Cabo San Lucas destination weddings are no different in this respect. Couples marry one another, but also marry the design images in their minds to the venues and furnishings available.

Of course, no one can tell two people whether theirs is a perfect match. That’s an intensely personal realization, beyond objective measurement. When it comes to the perfect marriage of design and décor in Cabo San Lucas, however, there is such an authority. It’s called Cabo Linens, Things & More.

CLTM excels in all aspects of event design, but we’re particularly adept at taking an idea or space and making in come alive through the skillful integration of design and décor, from elegant furnishings and floral arrangements to sumptuous linens and spectacular mood lighting. So adept, in fact, that we’ve simplified the process to four easy concepts.

A Beautiful Place, An Elegant Space

Design for Cabo San Lucas destination weddings properly begins with the venue. Of course, in a place teeming with breathtaking natural settings, the ideal venue for the ceremony is often an outdoor locale: a gorgeous golden sand beach, say, or a seaside chapel with stunning panoramic views from its entrance steps. Reception venues, too – whether an elegant ballroom or a broad patio with sweeping ocean vistas – may be chosen for intrinsic beauty as well as their picturesque backdrops.

Although beautiful spots abound for destination weddings in Cabo, options vary in terms of both setting and site. Ocean, desert and mountain backdrops are all available – in some cases, from the same remarkable property – and indoor venues run the proverbial gamut, from intimate gardens and boutique chambers to capacious halls and expansive high-ceilinged ballrooms. The challenge, from a design standpoint, is to incorporate a theme and color scheme that harmonize all the various elements, and do justice to the invariably magnificent setting…often the reason, by the way, that Cabo San Lucas was chosen in the first place.

From Perception to Paper, Dream to Reality

Once the sites for Cabo San Lucas destination weddings have been chosen, then the real design work starts. For couples who already have an idea, a vision of what their dream wedding will look like, then the trick for CLTM’s talented staff is simply to bring that inner image to life: first, through three-dimensional sketches that coordinate the placement of furniture, lighting and the like….all according to the precise dimensions and capabilities (electrical and otherwise) of the specified venues; secondly, by skillfully blending color and thematic patterns; and finally, by choosing the exact décor – from tables and chairs to signature accents like floral arrangements, candles and chargers – that will unify the design as a whole, and give the entire ensemble a clearly identifiable look and unmistakable style.

For couples without a clearly defined vision for their special day, that’s okay too! It’s absolutely fine to leave such things to the professionals. When preparing for a life event as important and occasionally stress inducing as a wedding, any aspect you can cede control over (while still contributing input and holding final approval) is a bonus. In fact, the lack of a predetermined vision allows CLTM’s design specialists a clear field, an opportunity to fully integrate the design with the existing setting and event spaces, rather than simply finding the most harmonious way to bring disparate elements into eye-pleasing alliance.

From Many Elements, One Style Emerges

“Fashion fades, style is eternal,” Yves Saint Laurent once said, and his admonition is important to remember when it comes to wedding design. Marriage aims at the eternal, the conjoining of souls, a commitment that binds two people together forever. Design should reflect this timelessness.

Forget fads. When you look at your wedding pictures or videos decades in the future, they should feel like a time capsule look at a beautiful moment, not a time capsule look at the unfortunate fashions of the era. Classic style and simple elegance should thus be the bywords for “Cabo San Lucas destination weddings,” the design elements as enduring as the granite monuments at Land’s End.

CLTM boasts a huge assortment of rental furnishings and accessories, but we’re proudest of the fact that our inventory never goes out of style. We can create an elegant design model for any time or season, complementing it with graceful décor appropriate to indoor or outdoor venues, varied color schemes and wide-ranging wedding themes. The only unchanging ingredient is a sophisticated aesthetic sense, the ability to match mood to moment, customized for the unique needs or desires of each couple.

The Complete Package

The tables are many, from small rounds for a wedding guest book or multi-tiered cake to low-slung couch accompaniments and large buffet or dinner tables. Add in chairs, from formal stiff-backed Chivaris to cocktail area barstools or reception loungers. Sprinkle in linens and napkins, pillows and cushions; aisle and table runners; candles and exterior lighting; place names and food and drink signage; place settings, silver and glassware…

It’s a little like putting together a puzzle. You need to find the right pieces, and to establish exactly where they go. Does this piece have the right color? Does that piece have the right shape? When the puzzle is completed, the problems have all disappeared. All that remains is a beautiful picture, an artful blending of many constituent elements into one harmonious whole.

Or, in design terms, picture perfect settings for unforgettable Cabo San Lucas destination weddings.

Just as true love is eternal, so too are classic style and impeccable service.

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