“Hi , First of all thank you for being the best wedding coordinator ever! We had such a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a ton of fun. Everything was beyond what we could have ever expected.


With regards to the wedding decor and design- Everything was gorgeous. We loved that the Linen’s Things and More team invited us down to see a mock set up of the tables which was a huge relief having made all of our decor choices via email and phone. It gave us a huge piece of mind to see everything before the big day. We really appreciated everyones creativity and flexibility when it came to sticking within our budget while ensure our vision came to life. The table runners, centrepieces and lantern were exactly what we had in mind and the flowers were beyond what we were expecting. We were floored by how above and beyond the florist went, giving us extra pieces free of charge to make the ceremony and reception areas look flawless. We received so many compliments about how perfect everything looked and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing if we could go back in time.  Thanks again for everything! Much of what made our wedding the most special day of our lives is because of all of you and how incredibly intuitive, detail oriented and hard working you all are.

Specifically to the wedding planners- yourself and Carmen and whomever else was involved; you were always extremely detail oriented, you answered my emails and phone calls immediately and you were always eager to ensure I was completely satisfied with each and every choice in decor, flowers and anything else involved in the process. When we were about to walk down the aisle, I remember looking at you, juggling 3 cell phones, trying to ensure I would walk down at that specific 3:25 second point in the song. That really floored me as I did not expect you to personally take on such a small yet specific detail that I’m certain most other wedding coordinators would have left to chance. We were very impressed with how hands on everyone was and how eager you all were to ensure we had the most memorable wedding day possible. Thank you.”

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